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Magical Tips on Curing Acne (Pimples) With Toothpaste

Pimples can always bring so much pain. Try these tips and forget your sorrow over them


It may sound very bizarre, but did you know that toothpaste can cure acne/pimples, sometimes over night!

I bet this statement has raised a few eyebrows, it certainly did mine, but it is no myth that toothpaste can, and will, heal a stubborn spot.

So if you are currently nursing a big red pimple the size of out Everest and desperately want to learn how to cure acne, rest assure as toothpaste may just be your answer. So run off now to get your tube from the bathroom and listen up, as this is how to apply it…

Treat your toothpaste just like another topical acne treatment. It is so simple to use and not to mention, cheap!

Begin by thoroughly washing your face, to get rid of all the dirt an grease that have accumulated throughout the day. I recommend using a specialized facial cleaners for sensitive skin, as this will effectively remove the dirt without irritating or drying out your skin.

One you have washed you face, dab your skin dry using a clean towel. It is essential that the towel is clean, as any dirt left on an old towel will only transfer over, potentially making any existing blemished worse and harder to cure.

One your face is completely dry, it is now time to add the toothpaste…

Simply squeeze out a pea size amount of the paste and apply to the blemish, or blemished, depending on how many to have to cure.

Once the mixture is securely stuck to you there is no risk of it dropping into your mug oft tea, leave it to work it’s magic. The trick is to leave the toothpaste on as long as possible as it will be more effective at shrinking the pimple.

I highly recommend that you put the toothpaste on at night as this will allow maximum time for it to get to work, and prevent you from accidentally stepping out into public or traveling to work with a big dollop of toothpaste smeared across your face. That would not do much for your street credibility. As big man wey you be. You understand wetin we mean?

If this cheap acne busting trick has got you inspired to find other skin care treatment around the home, then why not try a lemon.

They are 100% natural and even cheaper than a tube of toothpaste! Great! It is also very effective at treating painful spots and is renowned for dramatically reducing facial redness and acne scaring.

One again this homemade treatment is very simple and straightforward to use.

Just like with the toothpaste method, you need to effectively clean any grease and grime off the surface of your skin, using a sensitive face wash. One your face is dry, squeeze out some fresh juice out of your ripe lemon. You only need enough to cover the effective areas.

Using a clean piece of cotton wool, gently dab the lemon solution on to skin. You can choose to completely cover your face if you have a problem with facial redness, or you can just apply it to the acne prone areas.

Expect to feel a slight tingle and itchy sensation from the solution. This is completely normal, it just means that the lemon is getting to work. It will only last a few minutes, but if you find it too uncomfortable, dilute the lemon juice will a few drops of water on the next application.

Just try and leave the solution on your face as long as you can. You can decide to leave it on over night, just make sure the solution is dry before your lay your had down on a pillow or you may find you are left with a sticky pillowcase. Unlike with the toothpaste, you can wear the lemon solution under make up in the day.

Lemon solution might take more time to show dramatic results but stick will it and you will see visible and positive results.



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