Lying can actually increase your fat: Science Just proved it

You need to stop lying to get those calories off your body


This definitely looks like a joke but it’s something serious.


For all you liars, this is an educative article for you to check on each and every time you are about to tell a lie.. “My guy; you too dey lie….Na why you never lose wight be that” LOL

Read these below information and i am sure you will agree with me on why i said lying is dangerous to your health. There are a lot of people in this world that are honest but some people just chose to be otherwise which is in turn can be so dangerous to you in many things. You might want to laugh a little bit while reading this so that you won’t have to forget the main point of me writing this epistle.

Let’s get to business!

Why lying isn’t going to get you to where you want to be:

  • You are only hurting yourself when you are lying or not telling the truth! If you are really trying to lose fat, then you need to be 100% in that does not mean be perfect 100% but you must turn your focus on 100%!! You need to be measuring, weighing, tracking your foods! Also, when you are out to eat you need to estimate and even OVER estimate how much you are having to hold yourself accountable. If it is not in your tracker most people (Nutritionist) assume you cheated.


  • You cannot be helped if no one knows about everything you are inputting or if you are lying about what you are inputting! They only see what you track so by you not tracking everything  cannot help. No matter what it is put it in the tracker, they (nutritionist) are never going to yell at you they are there to help you and guide you in the right direction and educate you! If you need their help go ahead and say the truth! ask questions… COMMUNICATION IS KEY the more they know the more they can help…your success is just as important to them as it is to you!! But you must be honest and fully put the work in they can’t do that for you in your journey to lose weight

  • If you keep lying and making excuses for yourself it is going to be very hard to see the results you seek! In your head you may think you have it all planned out and doing everything right but if you aren’t portraying the program giving to you then you will not get the results you want.  

Do you see how lying could really make you gain more weight instead of losing? Calories don’t like liars either and that is the truth. I can feel you laughing reading this. “I no be Doctor! just want make you stop to dey lie”

It is as simple as this. Do what you are supposed to do to see the results you want to see! Cheating and lying is not going to speed up the progress. If anything, it will hold you back! Be honest with yourself and your nutritionist and you will be moving in the right direction! 


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