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Love lies that you should stop believing before the year 2020

The year 2020 is fast approaching. These myths should not exist there.

Love lies that you should stop believing before the year 2020

Over time, a couple of myths in relation to love and dating have gone on for a while that they now seem like the truth. Yet, the life that we live is shaped by our beliefs and thought patterns and we are a product of those beliefs and patterns combined. These beliefs and patterns will, of course,  influence your relationship choices.

Below are some of the lies that we have believed about love over time.

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  • If you really love someone, you can never fall in love with anyone else: If anyone told you that being in love with one person means you cannot be in love with someone else, the person lied to you on all levels. Unless you’re blind then, that might work. If you carelessly start getting close to someone else apart from your partner especially if the person is your spec, you’ll find yourself falling in love with them.
  • If you’re meant for each other, you’ll always end up together: Hello, even if you were matchmaked from heaven for each other and you don’t work towards being together, your relationship will fail, fall and crumble. Except for arranged marriages, people who end up together are people who work towards ending up together.
  • Good men are scarce, just settle for anyone: Even if you have believed this lie for a while, it is about time that you stopped. This lie has led many ladies into relationships with toxic men. Good men are not scarce, they have never been and they will never be.
  • Sex is love: In 2020, whether Male or Female, please, do not think like this. Sex is a form of pleasure that can be gotten within or outside love and because of that, sex is not a credible parameter to measure love. Qualities such as commitment, trust, respect, sacrifice, support, tolerance are better ways of knowing if someone loves you. Please note that sexual attraction is an important component of love.
  • You can love someone so much that you can’t love anyone else: We think what you are trying to define is obsession and Love is not obsession. You should be able to let go of a person or relationship when it is not working for you. If you can’t, please consider getting help.
  • There’s just one person made for you in the whole world:  Over 7 billion people in the world and you think that sister is the one made especially for you. Bros, chill, that is too narrow to be true. So if the one does not work out, does that mean you are not entitled to trying with someone else?


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