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Looking stylish on a budget is not as hard as it seems. Read this post

Here are great ways to look stylish even if you are on a budget.

Oyinbo do clothe but dem no do fitting. These are ways to know that the cloth you are wearing does not fit and what you can do about it

Now, the word budget is subjective. One person’s spending money is another person’s saving but anyhow we look at it, everybody is saving up for something.

The ground rule of looking stylish on a budget is keeping it simple, classic and easy because this looking great business while being smart with your money is in how you dress and what you buy instead of filling up your closet.

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  • STOP WEARING OLD STUFF: Too many women are holding on to and wearing their old clothes. You don’t need a closet full of clothes to look fabulously put together. You just need the right pieces, and you need to replace the things you’re holding on to that you shouldn’t wear anymore.
  • DEFINE YOUR PERSONAL STYLE: No matter what your budget is, knowing what you like and what you do not will save you a whole lot including time. The best way to maximize your budget is to create a framework of what works for you and then set out to shop asking yourself “Will this piece help me create the style I love?”
  • KEEP YOUR NAILS POLISHED: Whether you keep your natural nails or you have them fix, you need to make sure they are polished, looking proper and nice. Polished nails elevate your look in a big way.
  • MATCH YOUR HARDWARE: Hold up before you act all confused. Hardware is basically any extra item on you like a belt or shoe buckle, buttons, zippers, chains on a bag; you get the idea. Try and coordinate your hardware and be careful not to wear too much. These things may be subtle but they have a significant impact.
  • WORK WITH NEUTRALS AND BASICS: To look stylish on a budget, focus your budget on basics and neutrals. When neutrals are paired together, they create a richness to your look, regardless of how much you spent. Please note that neutrals are more than just white, tan, brown, and black. Colours like navy, grey, and burgundy are also neutrals. Patterns, Animal prints, pinstripes, and even textures can be neutral too.
  • AVOID THE TEMPTATION OF BUYING SUPER HIGH HEELS: It is okay to wear heels, regardless of your height but please for the love of God, do not walk around with super high heels towering like a giraffe. It is also dumb to wear shoes that are ill-fitting. If you can slide your finger between your heel and the back of your shoe or you keep stepping out of your shoe, it’s time to give them out.


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