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Looking Handsome Shouldn’t Be a Problem. The Magic is in This Article For All Men

Beauty and Style magazines have not been helping you but I am. Read this first part.

Looking Handsome Shouldn't Be a Problem. The Magic is in This Article For All Men

Style and beauty magazines usually give you a lot of tips that will help you look handsome but we advise you to toss all that into the nearest bin and fix your gaze here. You definitely do not need articles that tell you 3 things or 5 secrets that turn you into a mini-god.

What we are going to tell you in 2 different posts are some of the basic things that you already know and just need reminding. All it will take is a few minutes to read and then internalize.

Are you ready? 1….2….GO!

  1. WORK ON YOUR HYGIENE: Most Men ignore this very vital gem piece. When it comes to attracting women, your hygiene plays a very important role. I am not saying scrub your skin until it peels, I am just asking you to be more intentional about your hygiene.
  2.  DEODORANTS WILL GIVE YOUR LIFE A BRAND NEW MEANING: Being intentional about your hygiene includes making use of deodorants. Sweat is especially a factor considered when odour is been mentioned. Get yourself a deodorant and thank me later
  3. USE PERFUME NOT BATH WITH IT: I know you are sometimes tempted to pour your perfume on yourself but that is because you are not using the right one for you. Find your perfect scent, spritz some in the core place and watch as compliments will be pouring in on how amazing you smell.
  4. BRUSH YOUR TEETH: When you read brush your teeth, please note that it also includes your tongue. Don’t just rub your brush over them for two seconds and think you are done with the whole process. Brush them well.
  5. THE RIGHT HAIRSTYLE: If you do not feel like your true handsome self, it might just be because you have a terrible barber. Sometimes the problem might just be he or she is not giving you the perfect hairstyle for your face. So it can be either of two things, get a new barber or get a new hairstyle.
  6. TRIM IF NEED BE: I understand that you are on the Board of Directors when it comes to #BeardGang and it add to your handsome looks already but can I advise you to go for a trim when and if the need arises? Take care of your facial hair the same way you take care of the hair on your head.
  7. YOUR SKIN IS IMPORTANT TOO: I am not saying you should go all out and have a skincare routine or anything like that. I am just asking you to moisturize it after you take your bath every day. It does not have to be soft and all dewy  but it also should not be cracked and looking like it would peel off soon


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