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Little Ways to Know that Your Relationship is Great

Little ways to confirm that your relationship is on the right path.

Little Ways to Know That Your Relationship is Great PART 2

Either you’re a girl or a guy, you’ll probably find yourself wondering about the future as soon as you start dating someone. Unless of course, if it is just a fling. If your present ‘relationship’ is just a fling, this post is not for you. This post is for people intentionally dating and who would like to confirm what they already know.

This post will be in two parts. Are you ready for Part 1?

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  • They don’t keep you waiting for a reply: They never keep you waiting without a reason even though you both have a life of your own including work, family, friends and other activities as well. They find the time to reply to your messages or call even when they’re busy
  • They make plans and don’t bail out on you:  They want to see you every opportunity they get and they never back out. They clear time for you, and once they’ve made a plan, they never cancel unless it’s something unexpected and unavoidable. But then that’s understandable. And you can expect them to make up for it later.
  • You still find them attractive: You still find them attractive just as you did the very first time you saw them. Just because you’ve been going out for a while hasn’t made them any less attractive.
  • You share a similar sense of humour: Laughter in a relationship is essential and having someone that can make you laugh and the ability to make them laugh, is equally priceless. You should also be able to laugh at anything including each other.
  • Hanging out with your friends: The people who’ve been there with you even before your partner came into your life are important and they’re going to want to meet your partner. Your partner sees it as a chance to get to know you better.
  • You have no problem doing the same: Just like it is for your partner, it’s a chance for you too. They also need their friends’ approval the same way you need yours.
  • You don’t keep your relationship a secret: This is what can be referred to as an unintentional sign that you want the relationship to flourish. If you’re confident about introducing them as your partner to other people, you probably have confidence in the relationship.
  • You look your best at times and be your effortless self at others: It’s nice to have someone dress up just because they are going to see one. It shows that they care about how they look around you and they take the time to look their best but at the same time, they are also comfortable enough with you to look like themselves.


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