Let’s Get To Know More About Wolves With These 15 Amazing Facts

Let's Get To Know More About Wolves With These 15 Amazing Facts

For a long time, many fantasy movies from Twilight to Game Of Thrones have depicted wolves as magical creatures. While this may not be the case in real life, there is no doubt that wolves are truly extraordinary creatures.

From the way they communicate to the way they relate to one another, let’s get to know some interesting facts about wolves.

1. Before a wolf pup can urinate, its mother has to massage its belly with her warm tongue.

2. It takes 10-13 days for a wolf pup to open its eyes.

3. The wolf is the ancestor of all breeds of domestic dogs.

4. The vikings viewed wolves as a symbol of divinity. They wore wolf skins and drank wolf blood to take on the wolf’s spirit in battle.

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5. There are three species of wolves, the gray wolf, the red wolf, and the Ethiopian wolf.

6. Wolves have about 200 million scent cells while humans have just 5 million. This enables them smell other animals more than one mile (1.6 kilometers) away.

6. If a wolf is hungry, it can eat 20 pounds of meat in a single meal. This is equivalent to a human eating one hundred hamburgers.

7. Wolves howl for several reasons. It may howl to rally the pack before hunting, contact separated members of the group, or warn rival packs to keep away.

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8. The alpha male and beta make wolves mate for life and their packs are hugely similar to human nuclear families.

9. Wolves evolved from an ancient animal called Mesocyon, which lived approximately 35 million years ago. The Mesocyon was a small dog-like creature with short legs and a long body.

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10. Lower-ranking males do not mate and often suffer from a condition of stress and inhibition which is known as  “psychological castration.” Lower-ranking females sometimes get so terrified of the alpha female that they do not go into heat.

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11. Asides from their barks and howls, wolves also communicate through facial expressions.They use their bodies to communicate in several ways. For instance, they may communicate by pulling their ears back or showing teeth.

12. Wolves take care of all pups even if they are not their own. When the pups are mature enough to leave the den, they become the responsibility of the entire pack. They are taken care of by *

13. Wolves have great vision. The see extremely well at night and they also have excellent peripheral vision.

14. All wolf pups are born with blue eyes but over time their eyes turn yellow.

15. Wolfs are born blind and deaf.

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