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Lessons we can Learn from Children Regarding Happiness

Wide eyed and mystified, Here are 5 lessons you can learn from a child.

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Our world is becoming such a toxic place and it is really hard for people to be themselves or just exist without the need to outshine, outdo or become like others. This is sad because the end product is usually a basketful of unhappiness.

Take a good look at your child, cousin, nephew, niece, godchild or granddaughter and see what true happiness is. The way they giggle, run and smile all day long. When frustrating situations arise or they are hurt, it is quick for them to bounce back.

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This post is going to help you dig deep into your inner child and come up with some happiness.

  • PLAY OUTSIDE: You can let out your inner child by doing something fun outside. Fresh air and a change of scenery really help to feel motivated and amp up the energy. There are lots of ways to enjoy the outdoors more which include but is not limited to Outdoor fitness classes, soccer with friends or even a jog can improve your mood. Let’s take a note from the children and start making staying active fun again.
  • SLEEP WHEN YOU’RE TIRED:  You know there’s the moment we realize we’re tired and then there is the time when we decide it’s okay to actually sleep and they are usually hours apart. We have things to get done and sometimes there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day so we end up cutting into our sleep time which just leaves us exhausted all day and wishing we could go to sleep instead of doing things we actually need or want to do. When kids are tired, they will let you know and everything else can wait until they wake up. For us, not everything can wait for the next day but utilizing our time better during the day, getting up earlier and going to bed when you’re tired can really improve your focus and energy levels.
  • ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT: Not asking for things we want, whether it’s material or not, can make us more stressed than we need to be. If your spouse or a friend is doing something that bothers you, talk to them. If a need of yours isn’t being met, communicate it. Your happiness is important, remember that. Telling how you feel goes hand in hand with asking for what you want. It’s a chance to think carefully and decide why you need something and how a stressful situation can be changed into something joyful.
  • SAY TO YOURSELF “I’M AWESOME: Children are generally very positive and they praise themselves without realizing it. They believe they’re able to accomplish anything in the world. If they can, so can we. Don’t let negative thinking get in the way of progressing toward your goals. It’s not easy to be positive especially when things are hard but speaking positivity can really bring good things and greater happiness into existence.
  • FORGIVE AND FORGET: Children might be angry at you now and the next minute, you are best friends. The reason is simple, they forget easily, so they forgive easily as well. That is another way to reach for happiness and actually hold it in your grasp. It is of course not easy as human tend to err as easily as they breathe but working towards forgiving and forgetting hurts, past grievances, let downs and disappointments help us in kore ways than one.


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