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Learning Great Things from Your Travel Experiences

Learning Great Things from Your Travel Experiences

Learning Great Things from Your Travel Experiences

There is not just one thing that travel teaches you, there are many, and most of them are beyond explanation. Still, you can try to give words to some of your feelings and experiences, even though you may not be able to express them completely. Can you relate with any of these emotions mentioned below?

You love meeting people

No matter you were a shy soul or an extrovert earlier, travel has taught you to love meeting people from different races, nations, and religions. You love talking to them about their experiences in life, and learn about their culture. And you notice that everyone loves talking about themselves a lot, which helps you to connect with them. Sometimes you listen and then you talk at the other moments, but it is all a lovely experience.

You love being alone

It is completely ironical for you to understand after the feelings mentioned above, but you do appreciate your solitary time along with the company of others. On your first solo trip, you might have thought that you will feel lonely, but that was just a passing feeling.

As soon as you grow as a traveler, you do realize that there are many things that you enjoy only in your company. Sitting at the beach, for example, is something that you do not enjoy with others because you have to pay attention to them. On the other hand, you can simply bask in the sun for as long as you want when you are alone.

You love foreign words aka languages

Immersion in a new culture is the best way to learn about it, which is particularly true in the case of foreign languages. You may not become fluent in every new language you learn, but you do learn several new words that help you to connect with the locals. You even become an expert at expressing yourself through signs when the words do not come to your rescue.

You do start loving the international cuisines

Many people might have advised you to stay away from experimenting too much with foods. However, the traveler in your heart doesn’t let you rest without trying one new cuisine every day throughout your vacation. Nonetheless, it is amazing to feed yourself with delectable cuisines and you start cooking them at home as well.

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You start feeling gratified for every other thing

Your school might have taught you to say the thank you prayer before every meal, but you forgot it as you grew up. However, traveling to different places in the world took you to witness people living in shoddy shelters, animals living in their natural habitat, kids searching for food from the garbage, and domestic animals trying to find shelter during rains.

All these sights make you realize that you are indeed blessed to have whatever you have in life. When you eat good food, wear clean clothes every day, drive a modest Self-Drive Car, travel across the borders, and own an expensive laptop, you feel truly grateful. You fathom that you might have toiled hard for your belongings, but you were indeed lucky to have got that flourishing environment.

Travel teaches you to be lost

Yes, you have all the technology in the world to help you not to get lost, but you realize after some time traveling around that getting lost in a beautiful city is the most beautiful feeling ever. You don’t want to follow the beaten track ever again and just keep getting lost at every turn.

Such is the beauty of travel that it makes you take delight in unimaginable things.


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