Learn How To Make Yummy Chicken Shawarma In These 13 Easy Steps

Learn How To Make Yummy Chicken Shawarma In These 13 Easy Steps

Shawarma is always a mouth-watering delicacy any time any day. In case you’ve been wondering how you can prepare in the comfort of your home. Here is an easy and healthy recipe for you. 


  •  2lb /1 kg chicken breast/ thigh fillets, skinless and boneless.


  •  Marinade


  •  Ginger and garlic paste in lemon juice


  •  1/2 tbsp ground smoked paprika


  • 1/2 tbsp parsley flakes


  •  1/2 tbsp Black pepper


  • 1 tsp ground cayenne pepper


  •  2 tsp smoked paprika


  •  1 tsp salt


  •  2 bouillon cubes


  • 2 tsp ground sage


  • 1tsp curry powder


  •  1 tsp thyme


  • 2 tbsp canola oil (for frying). Veggies


  •  Carrots


  • Cucumber


  •  Cabbage (white and red)


  •  Bell peppers


  •  Salt and pepper


  •  1 tbsp oil for sautéing Shawarma Sauce


  •  1 cup Mayo 


  • 1/3 cup ketchup


  •  Salt and Cameroon pepper


  • Tortilla wraps or pita bread or Naan bread.


  • Chicken franks


  •  Avocado


  •  Eggs


  • Sliced lettuce


  •  Tomato slices


Step 1: Cut chicken breast into strips into a bowl and add ginger & garlic paste to it.


Step2: Add a teaspoon each of salt, pepper, knorr, sage, curry, thyme, parsley, chilli pepper, fresh onions, and Cameroon pepper. You can add more or over a teaspoon each of these seasonings depending on your taste.


Step 3: Marinate the chicken overnight* and put in the refrigerator.

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Step 4: Slice all vegetables into long strips and separate your Tortilla wraps to lengthen them.


Step 5: Sauté (cook in very little canola oil) the chicken franks till it is brown and well-cooked.


Step 6: Sauté your vegetables with canola oil. Season with some salt, pepper, and Maggi. Remove it when it is still crunchy and put it in a bowl.


Step 7: Next, Sauté your chicken in very little oil until it is cooked and slightly brown. Avoid overcooking it.


Step 8. Prepare sauce by adding 1 cup of mayonnaise, 1/3 of ketchup, 1 tablespoon of chili sauce and 1 tablespoon of Cameroon pepper.


Step 9: Slice some avocados into long strips.


Step 10: Boil one or two eggs and cut into two halves each.


Step 10. On top of the tortilla wraps, layer up your chicken, vegetables. Chicken franks, vegetables, eggs, avocados, and sauce.


Step 11: Wrap and tuck this mixture carefully and firmly in the tortilla wrap.


Step 12: Grill in a non-stick frying pan until golden brown.


Step 13: Your Shawarma us ready! Serve warm and enjoy.

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