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Lagos and Ways to Survive in it

Lasgidi is an entire state with its own rules. Find out how you can survive in it.

Lagos and Ways to Survive in it

Eko akete

Ilu ogbon

– Unknown

Please tell your Yoruba brother or sister to translate the above quote for you.

You see this Lagos of a state, it is not for the faint-hearted or weak in fact Lagos is the place know to take so much from you whether it is in the form of traffic, commuters, traders, government officials, food, basic amenities etc.

Lagos is also one of the most commercialized states in Nigeria and people come in much more than they leave it which is why there is a high rise in her population.

This post is for the newbies, the JJC even the butties. The centre of Excellence is not a playground or easy place so the above-mentioned people need to know how to run the streets.

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Follow these 5 steps and you are good to go.

  1. LOST: See ehn the lost and found game is played in Lagos every day but most people do not know how to win. It is very simple. If you ever find yourself lost and can’t seem to find your way, take a bus back to Oshodi.  No matter the time, Oshodi is a central area and mostly awake. You’ll also be able to get a bus from there to anywhere you are heading to in Lagos and even out of Lagos.
  2. HAVE CHANGE: Nigeria in her entirety and change are not synonymous. You will find that it also trickles down to the transportation system in Lagos as a regular bus or danfo never has change. Just to avoid stories, always make sure you have change before boarding a bus. Do not be surprised that the conductors even have and then deliberately delay so that you might forget your change.
  3. YOUR PHONE: My JJC brothers and sisters please take note. You should not play or tinker with your phone or receive calls near the window even in your own personal car talk-less of public transport. If your phone is snatched, I can guarantee that it will have a new owner in 1 hour.
  4. CONS and TRICKS: Lagos has a bag of tricks up her sleeve and she tends to bring them out at different times. A lot of people usually fall for them. Just have it at the back of your mind that a scam in Lagos is always to good to be true when it is been explained. If it is too good to be true, then its probably untrue
  5. BUY and EAT: Hawkers in Lagos should be running for the country in marathons and stuff like that because they have it on lock-down. Just note that if you want to buy in traffic, collect the goods first and then change before giving out your money because like I said, they have running on a lock-down


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