Lagos and Its Culture

Extremely Important Tips for Generation X in Lagos

Situated in the west of Nigeria, Lagos is one of the finest cities in West Africa.

It is worth mentioning that it has been estimated to be the fastest growing city in Africa and seventh fastest in the world.

Flights to Lagos are thus, validated to bring much wonderment for travelers and tourists to enjoy. Lagos is the largest city in Nigeria, the main port city of the country as well as the wealthiest one in the country. Hence, this is one place in West Africa where infrastructures, hotels, restaurants, clubs, theaters, shopping boulevards and buildings are truly amazing.

Lagos has a fabulous nightlife and is a highly cosmopolitan city but still has that traditional African touch to its ambiance and this modernized African feel makes it a city, worth checking out.

Since many years, Lagos has been one of the favorite spots in Africa, for tourists from all around the world especially Europe. Therefore, European countries are the easiest places to find Cheap Flights to Lagos from.

Owing to the over-population of rich and wealthy in the city and the influxes of foreign investors and expatriates into the city, Lagos might be a slightly expensive city but definitely worth spending money on.


Whatever is spent in Lagos never goes wasted and actually somehow brings a positive change to a person. It could be in the form of good feeling, learning, gathering knowledge, entertainment or just about anything at all but whatever it might be it is always positive!

Lagos is a city that Nigerians pride on and Lagosians themselves actually find no place in the world, better than this part of the world.

Landscaped entirely on lush green grounds beside the waters of the Atlantic, Nigeria’s largest city is truly a spectacular one. The weather in Lagos is also often quite tolerable but exceptions can bring out that typical African sun too.

Beaches of Lagos can be termed as pristine while shopping, eating out, nightlife, entertainment and other typically touristic features of the city are fabulous and do not need much explanation.

What is more tempting in the state is the culture.
Unlike most other big cities of the world, the populace of Lagos is known to be friendly and very warm despite having a very busy lifestyle, highly competitive of status and luxury.

However, poor population of the city is also not small in size. Coming to Lagos bring to sight, a modern African society which is friendly, energetic, fun-loving, fashionable and kind of “Europeanized” but in its own African manner. The mix of Europe and Africa, as seen in Lagos, is extremely attractive and worth being explored. The vibe and liveliness of the city is also not a faked out one. It has grown to become amazing naturally and has a charm which remains incomparable to any other city in Africa.

With all the “Pros” being analysed, The city of Lagos also has its own “Cons”. But above all, be good and enjoy yourself! Eko oni baje oo




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