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LADIES! Watch out These Phrases That Men Uses When Breaking up

Dear Ladies, get in here

If any of these was the reason for the relationship breaking up, you have acted so well

Some women will tell you that Men are scum and the reason might be because of heartbreak or the way and manner the relationship ended. Some might just be because of how the relationship ended.

If you have never been on the receiving end of any of these phrases, you should count yourself a lucky woman. Here are 6 phrases that some women have had the displeasure of hearing.

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  • I Need Some Time Off: This is code for I have found someone else or I am hiding something from you and I don’t want you to know so that you do not insult him. If we are being honest, taking time off is normal in certain situations where you two either go through a huge fight or when the guy wants to figure how to. But when a man comes out of the blue with this phrase, it just means they’re over you and they want you to drift away by yourself.

  • I Have A Fear Of Commitment: Let me just tell you that any guy who says this to you is doing you a truckload of favour. Any guy who says this is immature and not worth your time. Guys who fear commitment are the ones who go girl hopping and want to try their luck with every possible girl they see just because they don’t want to be stuck with just one girl forever. Sister let him go, tell him how immature he is and then find someone who isn’t afraid to hold your hand and show the world.

  • You Are Great & Beautiful, But…: Eh, the very awful ‘but’. But comes after you have been praised and just before destruction. It sometimes comes into play when the guy has met someone that he thinks is better than you and he feels like he deserves to be with that person. This happens when the guy you’re with is wanting to move on to another person and then thinks placating you with kind words is the best route to travel. Immediately you hear but, my dear sister, tell him to shut all of his mouth up and then walk away

  • I’m Just Not Ready Yet: Every woman is very familiar with this line especially when she is ready and he is not. The truth is only a guy who still wants to beat around the bush will bring up this phrase which is in the same family of ‘It’s not you, it’s me’ or You’re special to me but I need time. It’s also a way for a guy to tell you he wants other women and not get exclusive with just one girl.

6 Phrases that Men use when breaking up

  • You Can Do So Much Better: This is yet another word for him to nicely tell you he’s over you. It’s like a type of reverse psychology phrase because he is too scared to just tell you he never loved you and he is tired of seeing you. But the reality is he is right, you really can do so much better than him, better than any person who says that.

LADIES! Watch out These Phrases That Men Uses When Breaking up

  • We Can Still Be Friends: This line happens when he’s unsure if he’ll find someone else and he needs you to be there as a backup when he fails, these words may sound harsh but they’re the reality of how it is. You can actually choose to not be friends.


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