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LADIES: Things That you Should Never Tolerate in your Relationship

These are things that you should never yplerate in a relationship just because it is not a normal behaviour

LADIES: Things That you Should Never Tolerate in your Relationship

Hello Ladies…

Can you hear me at the back?

Yes? Thank You

Today’s relationship post is specifically for you. Yup.

As a strong black, independent lady, you’ve really got to learn to put your foot down when you’re in a relationship. Just because you are supposedly falling in love with a guy doesn’t mean that you have to be tolerating his terrible behavior.

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You own you and you always deserve to be treated with dignity by him; especially since you’re in a relationship with him. You need a man who shouldn’t do any of the following things to you:

  1. DICTATE HOW YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO LIVE YOUR LIFE: He should never get to choose how you should live your life as you are your own person and you are perfectly capable of making your own choices. You don’t always have to let him call the shots especially on decisions that directly concern your life.
  2. RELY ON YOU FOR EMOTIONAL AND FINANCIAL SUPPORT: To a certain extent, you should always be willing to support your man which is the essence of being in a relationship anyway. But you always need to be able to draw that line, especially If you have a man who turns to you for money all of the time.
  3. FLIRT WITH OTHER GIRLS IN FRONT OF YOU: This level of disrespect I will never understand. He should NEVER be flirting with other girls when you’re in a supposedly committed relationship with one another. That’s something you should never tolerate.
  4. INVALIDATE YOUR FEELINGS AS SOMETHING FALSE OR OVER-THE-TOP: You shouldn’t have to put up with a guy who doesn’t listen to you or pay attention to you or act as if your words and thoughts have no merit. He should have enough respect for you to at least be willing to hear whatever you have to say.
  5. MAKE YOU THE BUTT OF THE JOKE: It’s always nice whenever you are able to share a sense of humour in your relationship but it’s a different story when you start becoming the joke all of the time. He usually makes fun of you just to make himself laugh and to make you feel terrible in the process of him having fun.
  6. HURL ANY INSULTS YOUR WAY: You are in a relationship together and he should be your strongest defender. He should never be making you feel bad with his words or painting you in a bad light.

For those of you that came late, sorry we have come to the end of the article. See you next time. Thanks!


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