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Ladies, jump on this post right now. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did

Little things guys notice in women even if they do not do it consciously.

Ladies, jump on this post right now. Trust us, you'll be glad you did

To be fair to the men, they do not only notice the body and looks when it comes to a woman. It may be the first thing, but it’s not the only thing they notice.

Most of the time, it is simply assumed that guys only notice a girl’s boobs and butt however, that’s certainly not all they notice.

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So here are the other things that men notice in women

  • Personality: If your personality is uninteresting, cruel, or otherwise just bad, you will not have much success with a man.  It may take guys a while longer to notice (because how else do we explain sharp-tongued women and cool-headed men) a bad personality versus a good one but they do eventually notice it.
  • Your financial situation: This is not as extreme as the female folks take it. For the guys, it’s just most guys who have money want to be sure that you aren’t with them for the cash alone. While there are some guys out there who are totally okay with providing girls with money and that is okay too.
  • Your self-esteem: Whether you agree or not, your esteem plays into this game. The same way you can sniff it out on a guy is the same way you can sniff it out on a woman. Some guys actually seek out girls that they feel have low self-esteem for their next victim.
  • Your sense of style: You would think that this is something that only girls notice, but it’s really not. It’s what guys notice in women. For some guys, your style or sense of dressing can be a major factor to be considered when or if they want to step up to you.
  • How open you are to love: Men notice if women are hostile towards them and they know if you’re very open to getting a new boyfriend, guys will be willing to talk to you.
  • How happy you are: No one likes a Sad Sandra or a Gloomy Gloria, especially not a guy who’s looking for love. If you look morose, angry, or suspicious, sad or just plain boring, guys won’t want to be around you. You need to light up.
  • How much common sense you have: Sense is needed in a relationship so If a guy wants to date for the long-term, he will want to look for a girl who has common sense and is capable of handling her own stuff without being babysat or cuddled all the time.


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