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Ladies!!! Here is How You Can Pack For a Few-Week Holiday

Want to know what to pack for that 2 weeks holiday? We can help you if you read this.

Ladies!!! Here is How You Can Pack For a 2-week Holiday

When you pack light when travelling, it has many advantages:

  • You rarely run the risk of your luggage being lost especially if you have any connecting flights along the way
  • It’s cheaper – Too much stuff probably means you’ll pay for extra luggage and that might not be in your budget.
Without further ado, here is how you can pack for a 2 week holiday or vacation.
  1. DRESSES-  You basically need 4 dresses and they can be fairly casual, maybe just one fancier silk dress that will serve for fancy dinner wear and can still be dressed down for casual sightseeing.  Dresses are an outfit within themselves and can be transformed by layering a shirt over top and acting as a skirt.
  2. SKIRTS- Skirts are favourite pieces of clothing, especially where the weather is warm and wearing shorts will typically tag you as a tourist no matter how much you try to blend in.  Each of these skirts can be paired with a different top to achieve different outfits.
  3. JEANS- One pair of this and preferably black because it can easily be worn with any of the tops you decide to pack and are great for travel days.
  4. SHIRTS: I will advise that you pack 5 very neutral shirts that are lightweight – those ones that are silky in the material. These kinds of shirts are easily washed and are all made of materials that dry quickly and easily.
  5. OTHER TOPS: Get yourself a Jean shirt because it is so versatile; it can act as a shirt to pair with a pant, a skirt or even tied over one of your dresses, and can also be used as a jacket. A light cardigan can also be packed just in case the weather becomes cooler
  6. BLACK TIGHTS: A pair of tights should always be in your luggage, they do not take up space and they easily transform even the lightest outfit into something more suitable for cooler weather.
  7. SHOES: I’ll admit that the footwear can be really challenging.  You can pack a pair of sandal, a pair of flats and then your favourite sport shoes or all stars.
  8. ACCESSORIES: You can pack two scarfs, 2 belts and a few pieces of jewelry.  Belts, jewelry and hats can transform an outfit, and take very little space in your bag – plus, if push comes to shove, you can wear the hat in the airport.

You may notice that it was advised to pack more bottoms than tops.  It’s all a personal preference, but it is thought that changing up your bottoms help to give a feeling of a whole different outfit, rather than changing your tops.


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