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Ladies, here are some underwear mistake you are making that you are unaware of

This post is only for the ladies. Men, scroll past.

Ladies here are some underwear mistake you are making that you are unaware of

Underwear are an important aspect of any woman’s wardrobe. They are as essential as the clothes themselves because the outcome of your outfit is very much dependent on what is worn underneath. No woman likes her underwear to be uncomfortable because that makes her uncomfortable.

We have drafted a list of mistakes women make that they might be unaware of when it comes to buying and wearing of underwear.

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  • You’re keeping them past their expiration date: Yes, your underwear has an expiration date and it is visible when you see loose threads, little rips, and discolouration. These are indicators that your panties or bras should be on their way out. If they stop fitting snuggly as they used to when you got them, you should probably consider going underwear shopping instead of saying nobody is seeing them.
  • You’re not checking for your size: Underwear that is too tight is a problem as they can cause really ugly lines. Next time you’re out shopping for panties, make sure they are your exact size, no too small or too large but you exact size and whenever you are in doubt, please go a size up.
  • You’re sleeping in a thong: Yup, sleeping in a thong or any tight underwear is definitely not advisable. Thongs are typically made from non-breathable fabrics that trap in moisture which is not  suitable if you are trying to keep things in order down there. Change out of that thong before you go to bed.
  • Get on the cotton team: Cotton underwear is considered the most comfortable since it’s a breathable fabric and it helps to keep you free of any excess moisture that could lead to infection. Ideally, all of your underwear should be cotton but since that’s unrealistic, make sure that your panties at least have a cotton crotch.
  • You’ve been washing them wrong: Let me tell you this simple truth, Handwashing with a gentle detergent and warm water is the best way to wash your panties but since we all don’t have time these days and we need to use the washing machine, make sure you’re washing them separately.
  • You’re not putting them away properly:  If you are just tossing your panties into a drawer and not even bothering to fold them, then your drawer must be in a mess because your bra hooks will get caught in your panties causing them to pull. What you should do is fold each pair of panties, and arrange them by colour. If you only have one drawer assigned for your bras and underwear, invest in a drawer organizer set to keep things separate and in order.


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