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Ladies, do you understands relationship as much as we do? Here are 6 dating rules you should never violate no matter what

Ladies this post is a must read for you if you are starting a relationship or dating someone newly

Ladies do you understands relationship as much as we do? Here are 6 dating rules you should never violate no matter what

Whether you agree or not, the dating world has rules that it functions with. Some of these rules are applicable to both Men and Women while some are just for one gender specifically. This post is focusing on the dating rules that apply to the female gender specifically.

And ladies, no matter how many of these rules you disagree with, it is what it is. Ask the wise man beside you and he will confirm.

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  • Walk away if he does not meet your standard: Please give me one good reason why you think it is a good idea to settle? Be prepared to walk away if the guy does not meet your standards as this will save you a lot of energy and wasted time with someone who is not right for you.
  • Stop trying to impress him: Look, the best way to be is to be yourself. Warts and all. When you try to impress a guy by telling him or showing him what you are not, you are already doing too much and not placing a very high value on yourself
  • Do not be needy: I feel like I should have put this at the Number 1 spot because some women suffer from the “neediness disease”. Lady, you need to fix yourself before you get yourself into the dating game. If you are around all the time, always calling him on the phone, texting him, initiating dates, he will get bored of you very quickly.
  • Date the guy who likes you and not the one you like: This is the best advice you can find on the internet that has to do with dating or getting into a relationship. Dating the guy you like closes the door on the nice guy who really likes you and has the potential to make you happy.
  • Do not be intimate too quickly: For most ladies, intimacy clouds the judgment and makes them see things through a rose coloured glasses even when they should not. Learn to take your time where intimacy is concerned even when you are afraid that it may drive him away and if it does, it is just as well.
  • Do not reveal your feelings when you do not know where you stand: Ladies, trust this reliable source when I tell you that it is not something you want to go through. Even when the answers are obvious, you should not put words to them very early in the dating process, and certainly not be the first one to do so.


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