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Ladies, 7 Type of Messages You Should Never Send To Your Partner

Dear Ladies, do you know some messages you send upset your partner? Read this.

Ladies, 7 Types of Messages You Should Never Send To Your Partner

Sending text messages constantly doesn’t mean that you are automatically the better communicator in the relationship. Sometimes women do not think much of the things that they are sending their partner over text and the fact that he might already be in an irritated mood or upset without their knowledge.

So this post is for the ladies (which means we are on the Men side today) who text the wrong things to their man every day or most times. We are here to make sure you do better in your relationship.

Read this post and make sure that you aren’t guilty of doing the such.

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  1. “Did you receive my last message?”Aunty, he probably did and has even read it sef but this your passive-aggressive way of asking him why he hasn’t responded is not the way. He might be busy with other things. He can’t always be dropping whatever he’s doing just to respond to your message which is not life-threatening sef.
  2. “I’m just upset right now.”Allowed that you might need your man to help get you through a stressful time. That one is very valid but are you sensitive to him as well to see that he is going through his own stuff that he needs to deal with too? Have you? No, you are there forming needy and sending messages at the speed of light.
  3. “I don’t know.”You know o, You know but you are there forming vex over what he does not know is vexing you. Please, If he asks you an opinion on something, give him an honest answer.  Don’t be replying “I don’t know” to him even when you so obviously have something to say on the matter.
  4. “Did you do that thing I sent you?”See how you are talking? No small respect to even support the question in your messages. No respect for him at all. Aunty, ask nicely. Ask with a bit of trust in your tone. Ask him the way you’ll appreciate if the tables were turned.
  5. “Why are you busy this week?”Chai. As per he should live his life in the shadow of your abi? He cannot make plans with his friends or if he has work duties that he needs to attend to. You want to guilt him for it, Aunty allow him his freedom, you are choking him.
  6. “My friend’s boyfriend took her to this exotic resort…”Will you keep qwayet? Shattap there. There is your yeye passive-aggressiveness rearing its ugly head again and worse, you’re comparing him to another guy. Just be silent Ma.
  7. “You never do anything for me”I have a feeling that you are speaking in extremes here. To say that he has “never” done anything for you is obviously you exaggerating and that is very unfair to him. Just maybe he is not doing the things you expect him to, you should actually let him know what he can do to instead of that yeye passive-aggressive thing you are used to.

Dear Men, hope we have spoken well? Ehen, you are welcome.


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