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Kenya and Some of Her National Parks

Are you visiting kenya soon? You should stop over at any of these 6 parks.

Kenya, in East Africa with its coastline on the Indian Ocean is home to the “Big Five”. The Big Five is a term that is used to refer to the five African animals that early hunters considered most difficult and dangerous animals to hunt on foot in Africa.

These animals include the Elephant, lion, leopard, rhinoceros and Cape buffalo. Kenya has incredibly beautiful national parks with the most picturesque views.  Each of these national parks has a unique way about them, so get ready to explore.

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  1. LAKE NAKURU NATIONAL PARK: This is the national park is where travelers get to see thousands of flamingos in their habitat create a beautiful pink view because of their feathers. Flamingos are some of the most beautiful birds, and they flock to feed on algae in the area. This national park also has other animals like rhinos and zebras with amazing cliffs and beautiful waterfalls that give the flamingos a background view that is breathtaking.
  2. SIBILOI NATIONAL PARK: This national park is on the shores of Lake Turkana. Archaeologists have rendered this place very useful because it is where the most important fossils in the continent were discovered. Some of the animals to see are crocodiles, striped hyenas, and kudu.
  3. CHYLU HILLS NATIONAL PARK: This Park is a very picturesque park with green hills and amazing landscape views. It is a beautiful place to visit because of the views and animals, such as reedbucks and giraffes. This spot is one of the best hiking spots in Kenya. Campers and horse riders will also love the area.
  4. NAIROBI NATIONAL PARK: This is one of the national parks where you can watch wildlife and have the pleasure of seeing towering buildings just on the horizon. This national park is host to many incredible animals like giraffes, lions, leopards, birds and a host of others. It is also one of the best experiences to have when you are in the city of  Nairobi.
  5. AMBOSELI NATIONAL PARK: In this national park, travelers get to have a beautiful view of the famous Mount Kilimanjaro. This national park is also home to the best ‘tuskers’ i.e big African elephants. There’s really nothing more beautiful than to watch the giant elephants with the majestic mountain on the horizon.
  6. TSAVO WEST NATIONAL PARK AND TSAVO EAST NATIONAL PARK: The national park is beautiful with large open plain, some of the features include Mzima springs, swamps, and Lake Jipe. These Parks are two separate national parks and Tsavo is about 22,000 square kilometers making it one of the largest parks in the world. A railway from Mombasa divides the Park into two to other parts of the country.  Some of the animals to spot are birds, elephants, hippos and leopards among others.


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