It’s OFFICIAL! XBox Live is Coming to Android, Switch and iOS Soon

According to MICROSOFT, all other apps and more would also come along


Xbox Live users will be able to take their “gaming achievement history soon, with their friends list, their personal clubs, and more to games on the Nintendo Switch plus the mobile platforms.

That is exactly according to a Game Developers Conference session recently posted ahead of the new conference schedule to later this year.

The conference session that was hold recently is titled “Growing & Engaging Your Gaming Community Across iOS, Android, Switch, Xbox, and all PC. The conference is led by he members of the Xbox group. It also promises a first look at a new cross-platform XDK (developers would know that) that will enable game developers to connect each players between iOS, Android, and ofcourse Switch in addition to the Xbox and any game in the Microsoft Store on every Windows PCs. That will also extend the potential audience and users for Xbox Live from over 400 million gaming devices to 2 billion. By the Microsoft’s count, the service currently has over 68 million active players, Microsoft says in their statement.

Microsoft has being slowly in it’s tasks in opening up the Xbox platform’s garden for many years now. Back in 2014, Microsoft bought the Minecraft maker “Mojang” but they continued to support the game on many other non-Microsoft platforms. In 2016, the firm officially opened up the Xbox One to allow gameplay with players on every other platforms. And eventually pressuring SonyEntertainment to reluctantly do the same.

Sony Entertainment’s PlayStation platform is the notable absent from Microsoft’s session that was described. That could just be because Microsoft sees Sony’s PlayStation 4, and its PlayStation Network, which has more direct competitors to the Xbox One and Xbox Live in the world’s console space. With that been said, it seems likely that Sony would be very reluctant to let Microsoft’s social network get total access to what is still a relatively closed console platform.

Microsoft as a company has shown some willingness to work with mobile and most portable gaming platforms in the past. Though, a number of Microsoft Game Studios have appeared on Nintendo’s portable devices. And just last year, Microsoft announced a “Funko-themed” Gears of War spin-off Game would be hitting iOS and Android so soon.

The Microsoft’s apparent Xbox Live move follows a very similar announcement from “Epic Games”, which in December said it would begin sharing some of the cross-platform online services used mostly with developers without charge.

Now we all know that cross-platform game-play and services are all but expected in the gaming world, the rush and more success is to be the company that controls and directs the social and networking infrastructure behind all those games.



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