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It Is Hard To Hate These 5 Brilliant Nigerian Female Directors

It is indeed no longer a man’s world as women are beginning to take charge and do it with so much grace and brilliance.

Kemi Adetiba

This 39-year old director hit the limelight after she directed  TY Bello’s single ‘Ekundayo.’ Kemi hasn’t stopped since then directed many more music videos making her film directorial debut in 2016, with the movie “The Wedding Party.” In 2018, Kemi again made news with her directorial skill in the hit movie King Of Boys. Speaking with CNN about the movie, she said; “I was questioning my longevity in front of the camera… I’d also find it intriguing when I would go off for shoots with the cameramen… I said: ‘Instead of just wasting a couple of years, how about I learn a new craft while I’m doing that? What is the thing that I want to learn now? What is the thing that will take my career to the next level? – being a director.” On what the success of the movie which featured actess Sola Sobowale meant to her, she said; “I knew it was going to break the record, I knew it was going to do very well, I felt it, I sensed it… The greatest thing you can do for yourself is every time you have the opportunity to handle someone’s project, knock it out the park, and that is what I live by every day.”

Tope Oshin

Tope who started out as an actress, acted movies for 12 years before becoming a director. She has since gone on to direct hit TV series such as Tinsel, Castle & Castle amongst a few others. Tope directed her first movie ‘New Money’ in 2018 and has since not slowed down.

Amaka Igwe

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Remembering Amaka Igwe: 2 years gone already! Amaka Igwe (1963–2014) Nigerian Writer, Director and Producer, and CEO of Amaka Igwe Studios. A visionary and pioneer of modern Nigerian TV drama and movie production, she stamped her authority on numerous roles she played in the Nigerian television sector, as well as the home video industry, known as Nollywood. and she remained one of the industry's prominent figures until her death. A visionary and pioneer of modern Nigerian TV drama and film, she hit national limelight as the writer and producer of award-winning TV soap ‘Checkmate’ and its offshoot ‘Fuji House of Commotion’. Her Nollywood projects include Rattlesnake and Violated – two critically acclaimed movies that set apart Amaka Igwe Studios in the much-criticised Nollywood industry. She is the founder of the annual Best of the Best in African Film and Television Programmes Expo, BOBTV Expo, founder and CEO of the Lagos mainland based Top Radio 90.9FM station, the quality content production powerhouse Amaka Igwe Studios, and Q Entertainment Networks, the first Nigerian drama series channel in 2014.. She was a graduate of both the University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University) and the University of Ibadan #amakaigweliveson #amakaigwe #twoyearslikeyesterday.#checkmate #fujiHouseOfCommotion #nollywoodGreat #nollywoodIcon #goneButNotForgotten ++++ Follow @cinefrixx for more news, reviews and movie showtimes. Also visit for more +++++

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This amazing woman who passed in 2014 made the childhood of many of us downright beautiful. Amaka Igwe who began her career in radio. She became a household named when she wrote the hit soap operas ‘Checkmate’ and  ‘Fuji House of Commotion.’ The deceased can best be described as the pioneer of modern Nigerian TV drama and film.

Emem Isong

Emem Song on hearts over the years with her movies. She, however, made her directorial debut in 2014 with the movie Champagne. In 2015, Isong directed and produced the movie Code of Silence, which centred on rape in Nigeria.

Stephanie Linus

This talented actress began her career in Nollywood at the age of 17 with the movies Compromise 2 and Waterloo. Stephanie graduated from the New York Film Academy in 2007, Okereke released the movie Through the Glass in 2008 where she worked as the director, scriptwriter, producer and actress. In 2014, the talented filmmaker released another movie, Dry where she again severed as a director, scriptwriter, producer, and actress.


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