It Has Been Proved: Mobile Games Can Make You Go Blind

You need to read this if you are always on your mobile


Does this title ‘Video games can make you go blind’ sound unbelievable?

That is how it sounds when we learnt about it too. Don’t believe? Read on!

If you are always on your mobile when you are less busy with the kids and chore or your kids love to play fun games on your phone for hours then you need to pull your seat closer and read this.

In a media report that was published recently from China, it stated how a 21-year-old lady lost her vision after playing an online mobile game for a whole day. Doctors observed that she had retinal artery occlusion which is an irreversible condition resulting in a permanent loss of vision. Mobile games may be fun to play but the danger lies in the constant use and focusing on the screen for hours especially in the dark, which can lead to permanent loss of eyesight.

Just before you barge into your son’s room to gather those video games, the dangers of using video games can be averted by a simple change of lifestyle.

Reduce Screen time:

Everyone in the home should limit the time spent watching one screen or the other (TVs, laptops and mobile phones). It begins with you mums, model it then enforce it. Don’t let you kids stay in front of screen for a very long time not to talk of a whole day. Apart from their eyes, it is also a bad things doing that without mixing it with other activities.

More Outdoor Time:

Playing outside the house may seem old-fashioned when there are modern indoors sources of fun during playtime but this seemly old-fashioned form of play is the best for the overall well-being of you and your kids. Outdoor you learn interactions, cooperation and team spirit, competition while exercising. Take is as a routine and let your kids do it too, this will help you more than staying inside the house letting them get exposed to only TV, Laptop. e.t.c.

Engage in Activities that Fosters Unity and Love:

Make out time for your kids to bond with them. You can do this while sharing a book, going for a picnic. At this time, you give time to children and make them feel loved and appreciated.This will also help in a long run and let them know there are more to enjoy than just to sit down watching movies or cartoon for the whole day. Engage with a lot of lovely activities with them always. As you do that, it will also help you as a parent.

Apply the 20-20-20 rule:

The reality is that mobile gadgets have come to stay and they have become part of our lives so much that we cannot imagine life without them. Following the 20-20-20 rules means that for every 20 minutes of looking at a screen, you look away for 20 seconds at the distance of about 20 feet or more.

Do this and teach your kids to do the same. It will help you relax the eyes and prevent the loss of vision while using mobile gadgets in moderation




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