Is Shunning Premarital Sex a guarantee for a happy ever after?

Whether it’s “Yes”or “No” every opinion on premarital sex is personal and are worth abiding. In the subject of premarital sex, there are two camps: “Do it before marriage * and “Do it after marriage -” each camp stand firm to their belief and honestly believing on its advantages. Everybody sees life in different ways and has their preferences. Instead of criticizing one side as sinners and the others as a hypocrite, we should tolerate one other and not force it down each other’s throats.


Those who have no problem with premarital sex justify their positions with numerous reasons such as the needs to know if it is a “carrot” or “cucumber”, test the product before purchase, and also to know if he/she is a good or bad sex mate. On the other side, those who frown against sex before marriage can argue and say testing the product before purchase does not assure it will last and that knowing whether a girlfriend/ boyfriend is a good or bad sex mate can be determined without having sex. Well, I still can’t wrap my head around that one. How is that possible?.

For those who stand against premarital sex, their reasons are most times rooted in religion and the fear of God, which the Bible strongly forbids. Apart from being forbidden in Christianity, Islam and other religions, many who go against it hold firmly to the opinion that making love to someone at the dating stage makes them lose their value and stand the risk of getting pregnant and contracting sexually transmitted diseases. They also say that when partners restrain from sex until marriage, Both of them will have no other sexual experience to use as a yardstick in their marriage, Well, this is an excellent thing as it allows partners have an enjoyable sex life and mature into their sexuality.

While all of these opinions have their advantages and sound reasonable in some ways, there is one that still bakes my noodles, nor I will ever come to terms with– the idea that shunning premarital sex allows partners to have a good a marriage that will last forever. Let’s call a spade a spade; whether or not you had slept with your partner before marriage, if there is no understanding between couples, that marriage will fail, scatter, and crash. Also, without other vital ingredients like honesty, trust, cooperation, and communication, your marriage will be heading for the rocks.
If this opinion that shunning premarital sex makes marriages last longer is to be believed, then the inference to be perceived from it would be that couples who had premarital sex won’t last long in a marriage. Of course, that is nonsense! The things that make marriages crumble are usually far from this. So whether you engage in premarital sex or not as long as you both understand and cooperate, your marriage will be blissful and will undoubtedly last forever.



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