Is Pregnancy After 40 Feasible?

Read on to find out


There are a lot of women out there that are feeling the pressure to get pregnant as soon as possible because they have been led to believe that getting pregnant after 40 just will not be possible. Some think that it’s possible, but that it’s really hard to do.

The fact is that yes, women can actually become pregnant after 40 and there are some things that have to have to be addressed in order to make sure that it happens as easily as possible.

If that you are already over 40 or approaching that age, you could want to get started thinking about all of the factors that need to be deemed for getting pregnant at this stage as part of your life.

The only issue you might want to address is definitely your weight. Not merely really should you make sure that you might be not overweight, you might be likely to want to make sure that you are not underweight as well.

The risk many women after that age are most worried about is genetic disorders. When women ages her entire body does as well, this also concerns her eggs. Down Syndrome is offend results from an older women’s egg. The reason is it simply not dividing like it could possibly have in the event the female was younger.

But, if you will be over 40 so you want to have a child you need to not let the slightly higher risk of genetic disorders or birth defects scare you. Pregnancy after the age of 35 includes a very risk of 1 in 365 of having a child with what is known as Down’s syndrome. That risk will increase to 1 in 100 for female over 40 years of age and approximately to 1 in 40 for women over 45 years of age.


Pregnancy itself includes a risk of about l% to have a child having a birth defect. This percentage more than doubles for women over 40, but still the half-dozen-8% risk is still relatively low.

One of the things you can do is visiting your doctor for checkup before you even become pregnant if possible. Your doctor will advise you of your risks and help you that has a plan to minimize the risks. This involves eating healthy, exercising, treating any current diseases or disorders, and simply being as healthy as possible before you determine to become pregnant.

You happen to be heading to want to entirely take away the caffeine from your daily diet. If this can be much too hard to do all at once, that you are proceeding to simply want to wean yourself off of it, slowly, one time of day at a time.

You would possibly practical experience headaches and this is normal, but you may eventually start to feel a good deal better. It really is also essential to make sure that you will be not drinking excessively. A glass or two every full week of a good red wine is okay, but anything above that should be seriously avoided.

There are tests that could be performed early within the pregnancy to decide in case your baby incorporates a higher chance of having a genetic disorder or birth defect as well. As very long as you work together using your doctor and have prenatal care you will more than most likely have a great pregnancy and giving birth to a healthy baby.

Pregnancy after the age of 40 is extra and it is more common and should not scare you at all. Enjoy, you still has the opportunity.


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