Interesting Ways Men Deal with Heartbreak

Men deal with pain in the opposite way. This is what makes most women believe that they are not capable of feeling pain.

Since men always want to be in control, they often see pain as an act of weakness. But emotions are uncontrollable and we deal with them in different ways.

Here are ways men deal with heartbreak.

  1. They would rather not talk about it

Men do not express their painful situation to their friends, no matter the closeness. They will leave out the emotional part while trying to appear strong and brave in front of their friends.

Women express their feelings better than men. They can spend hours, talking about how they feel and shedding tears. Men would strive not to cry and hide their emotions instead of letting them out.

  1. The need to move on

Since they never express their emotions, they always have the urge to get over it and move on without taking the time to nurse their wounded hearts. They try to find someone else to replace their exes, even when they know that they are not over them.

Because of a man’s ego, he would try to find a replacement especially if he didn’t end the relationship.

  1. Erasing all memories

Men would try to cut off all channels of communication with their former lovers. They will delete their ex’s contact, chat history, messages and block their social media handles, delete the pictures, videos…everything that will remind them of the pain.

This technique is used to get over their lovers and avoid getting updated by their current status.

  1. Emotional lag

Based on research, men do not feel as devastated as ladies in the first stages of a breakup. This is because they can easily deal with the pain until it affects them much later.

A woman will feel devastated after a breakup and get over it after a while. This is when the woman gets over her pain that a man would start to feel the effect of the breakup. This is the reason why most men try to win their exes when they have completely moved on with their lives.

  1. They become more productive

In an attempt to take their minds off their current dilemma, men often use their time in becoming more productive. They start new jobs, learn a new language, exercise more, etc. This is a great way to cope but it often has side effects in the long run.

  1. They cry in secret!

Yes, men cry too! Men cry out their hearts when they are alone and pour out their feelings. A breakup is one of the most painful feelings that anyone can experience. While men feel that they have to appear strong, they express their innermost feelings behind closed doors.


As a result of distinctive natures, men and women react to problems differently. They both experience pains, but in different ways.


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