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Impressive Architectural Landmarks in Nigeria

Here are a few architectural landmarks that are impressive in themselves.

Impressive Architectural Landmarks in Nigeria

There are many structures in and around Nigeria that would leave you in awe of the people that created and brought them into existence. Here is a list of impressive architectural landmarks, some of them old and most spanking new with their locations.

  • Makoko Floating School, Lagos

I know this might not be classified as an edifice compared to the buildings on this list but it is important to acknowledge the brain behind the Makoko Floating School. It was designed and built by the architect Kunle Adeyemi and is an eco-friendly solution to the educational needs of the ancient Makoko people who live and work on the lagoon.

  • Kofar Na’isa, Kano

Frederick Lugard who was the first Governor-General of Nigeria wrote in a 1903 report that he had ‘never seen anything like it in Africa’. The Kofar Na’isa was completed in the 14th century before it was further expanded in the 16th century. The monument stands till date, as a testament to the beauty that comes about by imagination.

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  • Mapo Hall, IbadanThis is the historic city Hall that was commissioned in 1929 by Captain Ross and constructed in 1925 by Taffy Jones. It is built on the hill that marks the heart of the city and was renovated in 2006. It is standing at the top steps of what is still in use as a civic centre.
  • Emir of Zazzau Palace, ZariaThe Emir’s palace is situated within the ancient city of  Zaria and is constructed entirely from mud in the traditional Habe architecture and believed to have been established in 1536. The palace is surrounded by adobes also built in the Hausa architecture.
  • The Civic Centre, Lagos

This building is not only an architectural beauty, but it also has all the conveniences that a millennial needs including space. It boasts of a banquet hall, meeting rooms and in-house technology that makes doing business a pleasure.

  • The National Arts Theatre, Lagos

The National Theatre is presently a museum, art village and theatre and was designed and constructed in 1977 by a Bulgarian architectural firm after the Palace of Arts and Culture in Varna, Bulgaria, except this is bigger. It hosted the largest gathering of black arts in the world, the Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC), in 1977 which is a record.
  • The Godswill Akpabio International Sports Stadium, Uyo

This stadium was constructed in 2014 by Julius Berger and has a 30,000-person seating capacity. It has also played host to several events socio-culturally. The stadium is located in Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State in Nigeria.


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