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Important Steps To Making A Wise Career Choice

Important Steps To Making A Wise Career Choice

Choosing your career is a big step. For anyone, choosing what you will be doing with your life is a decision that is just too big to make. The fact of the matter is that those who make a choice, stick to it and start working towards their career goals are those who end up with a great career that is not only rewarding financially but also emotionally.

Your job is a very important part of your life. You will spend an estimated 60% of your “waking life” at work so its best to do everything you can to make the best career choice.

While there are many fancy tests and personality profiles that you can do to “decide for you” in the end its still a decision and something that you have to make and take responsibility for. So, how do you make this all important decision – and make it wisely? Here are 3 important tips to help you out.

1. Find your passion
What are you passionate about in life? For now, don’t think about a career. Think instead of those things in life that you absolutely love. What is it that you will do – even if you do not get paid doing it? People who do what they love are people who are happy and fulfilled. Going to work every day doing a job you hate is the ultimate punishment. Somehow we’ve come to believe that your job is not something you can enjoy and that its just something you have to do to earn money. Not true. You can do what you love and earn a good living from it.

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2. What are you good at?
What are your biggest and best talents? This does not mean that you cannot develop new talents but taking an inventory of all those things that you are already good at can be a great start. Your talents are those things that is just effortless to you. What might seem very hard or even impossible for others just come naturally for you.

3. Get practical
Once you know what you love and what you are good at (which usually goes hand in hand) you can start getting more practical. No matter what it is that you love, there is a career for you. Do you love to draw all day? Well, there’s a career for that and artists are very well paid and highly regarded. Your task now is to look for careers that will meet your passions and your talents. It might take a bit of searching but in the end the rewards will be immense.


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