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Important Facts to Know About Rukky Sanda

Important Facts to Know About Rukky Sanda

She is a stunner and a talented actor.

Nollywood actress Rukky Sanda needs little or no introduction.

Here are facts everyone should know about her.

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  • She was born Rukayat Akinsanya
  • The actress bagged a degree from the Lagos State University. She studied
    Banking and Finance
  • Rukky made her acting debut in the movie ‘Angel and the Beast’ in the year 2004 while still an undergraduate at Unilag
  • She is a producer and the first movie she ever produced is titled‘Lethal Woman’ which cost her N3 million to produce. ‘I won’t say it was easy starting out because I spent about N3m in making my first movie, and that was quite a lot in 2005. I don’t actually get Executive Producers for my movies; I do that myself. Not like I don’t believe in going all out to source for funds, but it’s just not my thing. I had someone once who wanted to sponsor my movie, and we did that. But before the movie came out, they were already on my neck asking for their money. I had to return it to them after we finished filming; we had not even finished editing then. I told them I’ll give them their money back, but that they wouldn’t get any credit on the movie. Ever since, I only produce movies if it’s convenient for me.’
  • She was into business before joining the movie world.’Before I got into Nollywood, I was already doing business. I used to sell stuff, so I had my money to put into it, and my mum supported me with a loan. She collected her money back though, so there was no sentiment attached.’
  • She has 7 piecing and some tattoos.
  • Her first relationship was in S.S.S 1 and this ended up being her
    first boyfriend
  • Best advice she  ever received was  from her mum which simply is; ‘because at the end of the day, only you matters. Always
    remember where you come from. Don’t let anybody make you feel you don’t deserve
    what you have because you have been comfortable all your life.”
  • She has admitted she is not a practicing Muslim who prays five
    times a day but she remains a Muslim
  • She attended the same school actress Funke Akindele attended.
  • She has acted in over a 100 movies.


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