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Immaturity might sound irritating but how do you know if the person you are dating is emotionally immature?

Hwere are signs to know if your partner is emotionally immature

Immaturity might sound irritating but how do you know if the person you are dating is emotionally immature?

Emotional maturity doesn’t necessarily have to do with age. Yes, there’s a certain amount of ageing and life experience that has to happen in order for a person to become emotionally mature but we know that an 18-year-old might be more mature than a 40-year-old. Emotional maturity is a skill you have to learn and practice and if your partner never learned this, you’re in for some drama.

If your partner has any of the traits listed below, it may be time for some EI classes

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  • EVERYTHING IS A JOKE: It’s great to have a partner who is playful, but not everything in life is a joke. Sometimes you have to get real and take things seriously, especially issues that are attached to emotions. If your partner chooses to make jokes instead of getting real and deep, there’s probably a good deal of emotional immaturity going on.
  • THEY DON’T KNOW HOW TO BE ALONE: This can be a problem for emotionally immature people to deal with. They like being around people as this ensures that they will always have someone present to deal with the difficult stuff.
  • THEY DISAPPEAR WHEN THINGS BECOME INTENSE: Emotionally immature people cannot deal with intense situations. A person like this will bail when you have your first fight especially about something that was truly their fault. It does not change their reactions if the intense stuff is good, it can be hard for an emotionally immature man or woman to deal with that too.
  • STILL ON DISAPPEARING: Your emotionally immature partner will always want you to bail them out whenever life gets tough. They’ll probably have at least a couple of people mad at them at all times. They’re the type of people who don’t reach their goals because they say it is hard. You will notice that they don’t look for solutions to problems because it might entail uncomfortable emotions. They also don’t make big decisions because they don’t know what they want or what they want might change.
  • THEY HAVE DUAL PERSONALITIES: Emotionally mature people are usually full of themselves, and they often make up parts of their personalities as they go along, usually to please, impress, top, or fit in with the person they’re talking to. They’re the kind of people who just happen to love everything you love or who have different styles, interests and personalities when they are with someone else.


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