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If your relationship is just starting, here are a couple of mistakes that you should not be making

Here are 7 mistakes you should avoid making in your new relationship.

If your relationship is just starting here are a couple of mistakes that you should not be making

There is a bible passage that says ‘If the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do’ and this just explains the importance of a good foundation. Irrespective of whatever structure you are trying to set up or trying to build, the foundation is very important.

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If you are recently in love and you want to make sure your relationship stands the test of time,this post is going to help you ensure stability and durability in the relationship you are trying to build. Avoiding the mistakes stated below guarantees you a whole lot of smoothness in the future.

  • Ignoring Red Flags: A successful relationship can only be possible if any red flags are not ignored. Don’t ignore red flags because you want to be in a relationship or you want it to last, pay attention to them for your own sake. The beginning of a relationship is very important to the said relationship.
  • Badmouthing Your Ex(es): Especially since nobody asked you in the first place. You might think your partner wants to hear it but constantly badmouthing your ex doesn’t look good on you. It is okay to tell your current partner about your ex and let them know what happened with your past relationship but it should be sweet and short.
  • Being Too Clingy and Needy: This look on either Male or Female is a major No-No. We know you love your partner and that’s great but you need to chill on all levels. It makes you seem desperate and too possessive, please rest.
  • Comparing your Partner to your Ex(es): It is bad enough that you keep talking about your Ex but now comparing your partner to your ex is like comparing your present with your past. If you are so into them, why are you not dating them? If you know you are not over your ex, then you should wait to be over them before getting into another relationship.
  • Dishonesty and Keeping Secrets: If you want this new relationship to last, then you cannot afford to kick it off with keeping secrets or being dishonest. A relationship needs truth to survive.
  • Not Being Yourself: In relationships, there is nothing like fake it until you make it. Don’t fall into that trap being someone that you are not. Don’t lie about anything, don’t change your dressing, friends just to satisfy the person. If the person doesn’t like the kind of person you are, then they should find the kind of person they like.
  • Lack of Communication: Communication is one of the main ingredients of a good relationship. Communication, in this case, does not mean empty conversations, there is a need to have serious conversations where you talk your feelings, issues of life, goals, dreams, expectation, likes and dislikes, so you can understand each other.


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