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If your partner is portraying any of these 7 signs, then something might be up

Something is certainly wrong if your partner portrays any of these 7 signs

If your partner is portraying any of these 7 signs, then something might be up

If you ever get the feeling that your partner is hiding something, you’ll want to trust your gut and gather more information.

While it isn’t necessary to immediately assume the worst, it’s not great to ignore red flags, either. And this is especially true if it keeps happening, and you’re starting to wonder what’s up.

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  • They Keep Over-Reacting: If you notice your partner blows up if you want to know more about their day, or seem cranky if you point out that they’ve been quiet. If this is something that they do not normally do, then something might be up and you have every right to try to find out more.
  • They are very protective of their phone: While it’s perfectly acceptable to have privacy within a relationship, it’s not a great sign if your partner suddenly locks down their devices with elaborate passwords that make the police and SSS want to hire them. A person who’s hiding something might not readily admit what’s going on, but point out this change and see how your partner responds
  • They are emotionally distant: You may notice that your partner is suddenly less present, or seems emotionally distant. And while this can happen for a variety of reasons, it could also be a sign they aren’t being entirely truthful. Sometimes distance can be because they are cheating on you emotionally.
  • Their body language seems off: Sometimes it isn’t so much about what your partner says or doesn’t say, but how they act. A partner who is hiding something may also close themselves off to affection. Overall, they’ll probably seem cold and detached.
  • They don’t share details: You might notice that your partner is suddenly really vague in areas where they used to be transparent and if you want to talk about the future, they might avoid the topic, even though they used to enjoy making plans.
  • The story no dey add up: If your partner is hiding something and lying to cover it up, they might have a hard time keeping their stories straight, which is why inconsistencies will eventually show up. You will notice that their day does not add up or there are inconsistencies in their stories.
  • They accuse you of cheating: This one is the crown that they will eventually place on your head to make their reign successful. A lying or cheating partner might accuse you of trying to sneak on their phone or accuse you of not trusting them or suddenly get mad at you about for the slightest things.


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