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If You Want To Be A Stylish Man Then You Can’t Go Wrong With These 5 Kinds Of Trousers

If You Want To Be A Stylish Man Then You Can't Go Wrong With These 5 Kinds Of Trousers

Like shirts, trousers are also important for your style. The way they look on you determines how stylish you appear. If you want to step up on your style, then look no further because you can’t go wrong with these 5 variations of trousers.

Tailored Trousers

The best thing about tailored trousers is that they are free.They are hardly tight and feel very comfortable. Though these kinds of trousers are mostly worn to the office or in corporate events, you can also rock them at informal events if you match them with the right outfit. The best kind of tailored trousers, in my opinion, are the ones without belt loops. They look cooler and you can rock them with just about anything!


With joggers, you can kill two birds with one stone: use them when you’re working out and wear them to school or casual events. Joggers are great because they are nicely trimmed and feel very comfortable to wear. On days where you don’t feel like wearing your tight stuffy jeans and you just want to go for something more comfortable, joggers are never a bad idea.

Dark Jeans

What is a man’s wardrobe without a pair of dark jeans? From casual events to business gatherings or seminars, the events that you can wear dark jeans to are endless! Just ensure they are well-tailored so that you can always look dapper in them. You don’t want to spoil your style by wearing jeans that look baggy and don’t fit you properly.

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With chinos trousers, you can never go wrong! You can wear them with sneakers, loafers, chukka boots, corporate shoes and so on. Again, the possibilities are endless with chinos trousers. Chinos are also great for the hot weather. They are made with lighter material, hence they are breathable and allow you to stay cool throughout the day. Again, make sure they are well-tailored as loose chinos can easily ruin your style. If you can’t get the ones that fit you properly, then take them to the tailor to slim-fit them. Remember, wearing well-tailored clothes ensures that your style is always on point.

Ripped Jeans

There is no way ripped jeans would not come up when you’re talking about street wear! Love them or hate them, you can’t deny how popular and trendy they are today. They were popular back in the day but have made their way into mainstream fashion once again. You can wear ripped jeans to just about any casual event.

So, that’s it guys! These are the five main trousers every stylish man should have in his wardrobe. If you have these then rest assured that you’ve taken your style to another level!


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