If you didn’t see these movies in 2018, you missed out on all the fun.

From Black Panther to Acrimony, Hollywood dished out intriguing movies for movie lovers all over the world last year. 2018 was quite a tremendous year for many filmmakers, it was like the “movie fairy” sprinkled the magic dust of creativity on Hollywood. Nollywood was not left out, our filmmakers felt this magic dust and up their game too. Unlike previous years when I went to the cinema, I could count the number of people watching a movie with me, But in 2018, Oh boy! people flocked into the cinemas like never before. There were some Nollywood movies that made us laugh, cry and ponder on different aspects of life. In descending order, here is a list of the most talked about Nollywood movies of 2018:

Alexandra The Movie
“Alexandra” is almost every Nigerian girl wish, winning the heart of a handsome American man online. This interesting movie tells the story of a young who upon chatting with American online fell head over heels in love with him. She relocated to the US to live with the man who became her husband. What follows next is a nightmarish tale of domestic violence and unraveling of ugly secrets.

Date Night
Date night stared Deyemi Okanlawo, Adesua Etomi, and Ogechi Peters. The movie tells the story of a man and woman who had a romantic date, and like most men, he brought the lady to his house. Expecting to have a fun time with her, he was held hostage by the woman. What follows next It was an intriguing battle for survival.

The Royal Hibiscus Hotel
If you are a Zainab Balogun fan and you haven’t watched this movie, just as Dbanj would say you are a long thing. In this movie, a broken London chef visits Nigeria and find it hard with coping with her matchmaking mum and breathing life into her family dying hotel. She betrayed and heartbroken when she found out the love of her life is buying the hotel.

Wedding Party 2
After the big success of the Wedding Party 1, “We want more” was the cry of many Nigerians, and more did they get when the Wedding Party 2 graced our TV screen. Directed by Niyi Akinmolayan and staring the beautiful couple, Bank w and Adesua Etomi. The story is a mixture of romantic and comedy. It tales the tale two people who are deep in love and the unwanted interference of family coupled with the struggles of intercultural marriage.

God Calling
I am yet to see someone who does not like this movie. This movie teaches faith, finding oneself and connecting spirituality with God. Staring the ever beautiful Zainab Balogun, the story put light on the life of a young woman by the name Sade. After passing through some tragic phase in life, Sade is taken on a wonderful journey of faith on self-discovery which totally transforms her life and those around her.

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Known for his past works, “Before 30”, a television series which deals with marriage issues, especially for women, “Supernatural” and “Banana Island Ghost”, BB Sasore explores faith, hope, personal tragedy in the light of modernity in “God Calling”, an unconventional, heavily crewed, star-studded faith-based movie, grossing about 37 million naira in its second weekend and currently among the top 2o movies in the Nigerian Box Office. The entire elements of the production of this film distinguish it from the conventional faith-based film which never makes it beyond the roofs of church buildings in Nigeria, synonymous with the regular producers that have carved and erected religious ministries around it as a genre of film. Jointly produced by Ibukun Awosika, Derin Adeyokunnu, Yomi Jemibewon, Patricia Jemibewon, Ukoni Nwagwu, Chijioke Uwaegbute, Karibi Fubara, ZeeZeelhe-Okuneye Olude, Opeyemi Awoyemi, Dolapo Awosika, Enyi Omeruah and Chioma Omeruah. The list that makes you nod your head and say, “no wonder!” Unlike the ones we used to have, probably produced by a pastor who wants to make a movie but ends up producing another sermon tape, with church workers sitting (or standing) in front of the camera to read lines (or listen to someone doing same). You see a character that is supposedly a miscreant being played by Deacon ‘Lagbaja” and you will like throwing up. God Calling, beginning from it’s trailer, sets its own tone and makes it clear that this is a different ball game. The collaboration that went into the production, basically all of the pre-production, between writing five drafts of the script, full casting, location scouting, VFX underwater & green-screen tests, etc all took just months. Although there were some glitches in a place or two with the VFX, it’s forgivable. The storyline itself is another element that beats all odds for critics of faith-based movies. God Calling chronicles the life of Sade, a wife, mother and a drug addict (the central character played by Zainab Balogun) who suffers…. #godcallingmovie #godcalling #hotjistmoviereview #movie #naija #boxoffice #houseontherock @ibukunawosika @tinamba1 @mofedamijo

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King of Boys
Released October 2018, this was the “local rapper” crooner Reminisce debut movie. The movie tells the story of a businesswoman who goes by the name Alhaja Eniola Salami. She is a philanthropist with a bright political future. Her political ambitious made her outgrown her competitors and as shes get deep into it, she may lose everything which she holds dear.

Merry Men
Apart from how celebrities slayed with their Agbadas on the premiere of this movie, it was thrilling and filled with a lot of laughs. Staring the ever funny AY, the movie tells the story of four notorious bachelors who were living on the easy street and ‘eyed’ by many women who often call them the Real Yoruba Demons.

Chief Daddy
This movie was released December 14 and many people are yet to see it. If you want to watch something unique and creative, this movie is worth every Naira. The movie tells an interesting story of a billionaire Chief Beecroft who lived a very extravagant life. After his sudden death, the bullion van stops and there was commotion between his extended family, relatives, mistresses, and household staffs.

New Money
A very uplifting movie that tells the story of a young lady who metamorphosed from being an ordinary sales girl to a billionaire, after her father gives her total control to run his empire, This move is star-studded and filled with many lessons to grab.

It is no longer news that number one online streaming platform acquired global right for this movie, From the effects, storyline actors etc it was simply sterling. New money is inspiring but Lionheart took inspiration to a whole new level. Staring in this flick was Veteran actress Genevieve Nnaji. She played the role of a young lady who as to bring up her A-game with her uncle for the right to handle her sicks fathers company. The company was in huge debt and in a brink of collapse Genevieve as Adaeze Obiagu and her uncle have to do everything possible to save the company. Mere words can’t describe the quality of this movie and I won’t be surprised if it rakes awards when the AMVA start calling.

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What's your favourite scene in Lionheart? #lionheartthemovie

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