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Ice Cream: What Makes it So Desirable World Wide?

Ice cream is a frozen treat that comes in hundreds of flavors. What’s your favorite flavor? Is it vanilla? Chocolate? Strawberry? Those are the most popular flavors by far.

Ice cream is popular on a global scale, meaning it is known very much around the world.

Making Ice Cream

Making ice cream is pretty simple. It’s usually made from milk, cream, sugar, and flavorings. Mix it all together as you freeze it and you get ice cream. As the mixture begins to freeze you can then add extra ingredients like fruit, nuts, or chocolate chips. If you freeze the mixture, you get regular ice cream. Soft ice cream is just regular ice cream that isn’t fully frozen yet.

Some people make ice cream at home in an ice-cream mixer, a special kind of home freezer. But nearly all ice cream produced today is made by machines in ice-cream factories.

How is it Served?

How many ways are there to eat ice cream? There’s the ice-cream cone, the ice-cream bar or the ice-cream sandwich. A classic ice cream sundae is ice cream served with chocolate syrup, whipped cream, nuts, and a cherry on top. A banana split is a type of sundae served with a slice of banana on each side. You can even eat deep-fried ice cream. Yes, it’s really fried! Or you can just eat ice cream all by itself.

How Many Flavors?

You’ve probably eaten vanilla and chocolate ice cream. Other favorite flavors include strawberry, cherry, peach, butter pecan, and chocolate mint. But have you ever eaten ice cream flavored with garlic or green tea? Some people do.

Ice cream comes in countless flavors. Imagine tasting burnt-caramel ice cream. How about coffee- or molasses-flavored ice cream? You can even buy ice cream flavored with rose petals or rum.

Other Desserts

There are many other popular frozen desserts that are similar to ice cream.

  • Sherbet is made from fruit syrup that has milk or egg white added to it.
  • Spumoni is an extra-rich ice cream with fruits and nuts.
  • Ice milk, also called low-fat ice cream, is made with milk instead of cream.
  • Soft-serve ice cream is served before it’s fully frozen.

You can even get ice cream made without milk or cream. Soy ice cream and rice ice cream are made without dairy products. They’re made using soybean milk or rice milk instead.

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