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I Can’t Stand The Man I Married: I Can’t Stand My Marriage


Save marriage tips can be used to great effect even if you feel heavily bogged down with present relationship problems.

It’s possible that when applied, they can help relieve some strain that’s squeezing the juice out of your marriage.

Keeping the flame of passion blazing

And by treating your spouse as if you were still courting each other, you will make it a that much easier to stay in good terms with your significant other. These other Save Marriage Tips that can encourage the passion to remain alive include: committing to enjoy quality time together by making sure you, going out on regular dates, come up with small but meaningful things to do for each other, or take relaxing walks together to the park or around the block. Making these small efforts for each other can have huge benefits for your relationship and love for one another.

How do You Maintain Open Lines of Communication?

Even though casual talk is nice to have with your significant other, for instance inquiring how their day went and what they have been up to. You can be certain that it’ll definitely take more dialogue than that to Save a Marriage. Proper communication involves always being totally truthful and open with your spouse at all times regardless of the topic at hand.

Couples must maintain a mutual respect for each other throughout times of communication, and hold off on any negative judgments or points of view. One simple form of marital dialogue is just to actually make it known what you think or how you feel. Be willing to inform them if what they have said or implied has implicitly harmed your feelings.


For example, if you feel that you have been seriously insulted or should you be called “the old ball and chain,” you must communicate this fact to your mate to prevent the situation from repeating itself in the future. It’s also counter productive to try and answer your spouse while he/she is still attempting to convey his/her feelings. It is important to let the other person know that you were paying full attention and understand how they feel by reiterating what they have just shared with you.

Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling works best when both partners agree to go, and will open up and share everything and anything with the counselor. This can be hard to do, not many people are willing to bare themselves, even to their spouse.

You will learn how to stop small arguments from scaling into huge fights, and you will learn how to spot an issue before it is able to turn into an argument.

Although can be expensive in most cases, counseling helps by having a professional look at your relationship and discuss with you the different ways to solve your problems, and how to not let them happen again. Counseling also teaches couples how to build strong marital bonds, that will help them to get through the tough times, when they happen. Ge things right and enjoy your marriage!



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