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How To Travel Solo: A Guide for Introverts

Solo travel can be intimidating, especially for introverts. Here’s how you can overcome your hesitations and make the most of your solo trip.

How To Travel Solo: A Guide for Introverts

Introverts may ask how they are supposed to make friends on the road. Many introverts often have a tendency to doubt their ability to travel on their own because they’re so used to standing off to the side in social situations and refuse to put themselves out there.

But we want to let you in on a little secret

Introverts make the best solo travelers.

There are plenty of times when you’ll definitely need to interact with complete strangers during any solo trip, like on public transportation, when asking for directions, when settling into your accommodation etc.

But, on a true solo trip, there will also be lots of time spent, solo. Think about the term solo, who else better defines it? If you’re an introvert and you are thinking about taking a solo trip, here’s what you need to know.

  • You’re not alone

It might feel like your world is run by extroverts which can make you feel isolated and misunderstood. Learn how to leverage your introverted tendencies to make the most of your solo travel experiences, as well as how to take care of myself and keep from getting burnt out while on the road.

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  • People will probably think you’re weird, awkward, and antisocial sometimes. It’s okay

We know you can be pretty quiet, and super content to just sit back and chill while those around you engage in conversation. Introverts prefer to soak in the stories and hear what other people have to say. You’ll probably be termed antisocial but that is okay. As long as you have no qualms with eating alone in a restaurant or hanging out alone at the beach, don’t let strangers dictate to you on how you should have fun.

  • Take risks, and get outside your comfort zone.

Whatever your reason is for travelling it will absolutely help you if you get used to the idea of leaving your comfort zone and trying things that are new to you which includes initiating conversations, and saying “yes” to things when you’d rather say “no.” Travelers tend to be very receptive to other travelers who ask questions, plus, introverts are usually great listeners, so put those skills to use by listening to everyone’s stories and learning deeply about this world you’re off exploring.

  • Seek out quiet, natural spaces on your travels.

When travelling solo, you will feel the most content when you are in a place with wide open spaces, beautiful nature, and very few people around. The constant movement, countless interactions with strangers, noise, and overwhelming smells, and sounds can really get to you and bring you down after a while. The trick is to pick destinations that are abundant in natural beauty and are perfect places for hiking, going on aimless walks, taking photos, soaking in the views, and reading/writing in solitude outdoors.


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