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How to Travel for Holiday and not End up Broke

Wondering how you can keep tabs on your spending while on holiday? Then you should read this

How to Travel for Holiday and not End up Broke

One of the biggest travel problems you can ever encounter on a holiday trip is to find out that you are broke before your holiday is over.

Nothing can take away the scare of hoping you’ll not be stranded in a city that is not yours or a place where you know not a soul.

This post is going to help you with a couple of things that you can do to avoid these and at the same time make you save whatever it is you had planned in the first place.

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  1. Find free WiFi spots: Finding free wifi should not be considered cheap. Instead, think about it as economical. We need to communicate as we go on our trip, so booking a place that has free internet makes it convenient to communicate with everyone.
  2. Look for free days: In the case whereby you have planned to visit museums or tourist locations, search for free days. Check the websites of these places to know their free or discounted days. It will save you some change.
  3. Walk, Walk, Walk: Nothing beats walking when you are on vacation. It keeps you fit while you explore a new city. There is no better way to explore, experience the local cafe’s and meet the locals. And of course, it’s free.
  4. Sleep while travelling: When you travel long distance by train, plane or bus, you can time your journey at night which will save you a night’s accommodation.
  5. Use public transportation: Whenever the distance is too long and you have to take some form of transportation, go on a bus. It is cheaper than a taxi and it is a better way to explore.
  6. Visit local markets: Markets are usually a great place to gauge the pulse and energy level of a city. You will also get cheaper food deals than the malls or marts.
  7. Try street food: Street food can be delicious and cheap. Although been safe is another conversation. If you want to take a risk, you should try it. Focus on the busiest street food stalls where locals eat or ask any local where they usually go.
  8. Keep track of your expenses: This is key. You need to take note of your expenses when you travel. Have a journal or use the notes app on your phone. You should try to put it in at least once a day, usually late at night. Yes, it might seem boring but it creates more awareness than you think.

It is way easier to be on a budget if you visualize where your money is going. So be wise about your expenses the next time you take up a tour out of the country or locally. Thanks for reading.


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