How To Toast A Girl – Naija Style

This is How to Impress Your Wife in a Decent Way!

There are quite a wide range of ways to get get a girls attention which in English language it happens to be known as ‘woo’ but in the Nigerian slang-guage we know it to be “chyke” or “toast”. There are quite a number of ways to go about this and could either be a physical or blind format of asking a girl out. Thank goodness for technology as I can tell you that majority of relationships these days did not start from a face to face contact but more of an online “I saw your picture, I like you” package.

In this article, I would be concentrating on three categories of ways one can actually use in toasting a girl and please be aware that these are just my ways oh, they may not work for everybody. So before you even go and toast the girl, there are two things you should know;

  • First of all, the type of girl in question as there is a wide category of girls and characters around the universe
  • Your own personality variation: I am an extrovert but if you are an introvert reading this then do not worry I would try and broaden on the topic to fit both an introvert and also extroverts.

Let me start with the most common way of how to toast a girl and that would be;

  • Via Phone calls (Extrovers and Introverts):

This is a format mostly carried out by introverts due to them being shy to face the girl in question. What you do in this case is to maybe kick start your toasting career with a text or a phone call. Make sure you capture her attention by starting with something you know she likes.

For extroverts, y’all just need to call through and be kick up a great conversation like a normal thing. Also, girls love funny boys but do not overdo it as she just might not be in the mood all the time.  Communication is key to any working relationship either to get a single girl or to overthrow some guy to get his girl.

  • Online (Social Media)

This happens to be one of the widely used tactics as boys would tell you, “omo no card to burn”. The social media gives Men and women a variant to meet up at a lower cost. Subscribing for your data monthly allows you surf over the internet for more than a thousand girl profiles (if you say that is what is doing you in this life and your village people are with you).

Online toasting and dating allows those with a fake life to have a real one to get any girl they want or so desire (social media effect) but that’s not what we want right?

Never be too quick to ask for a phone number as it might be the ends to your conversation, for your own good, keep the conversation going as just online buddies for a while before asking for a contact number which you would most definitely get. The whole idea of asking a girl out online is absurd because apart from you not having to have met the person, it is freaky.

How To Toast A Girl On The Road

  • Never whistle at her like she is a dog. If she liked the boy from a distance before, that feeling dies that day.
  • Try not to follow a girl up because your guys are with you. Be wise and look for a good time where there is no one around for her to carve style for you
  • Girls would always be girls and if you are lucky to get a phone number that day, start with a thank you text message and just playful tones not zooming of to toasting instantly.
  • Flash the number there and then to confirm the number is a right number.

There you have it. Follow these steps and thank me later.



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