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How To Spot Fake Apple Ear-pods In 6 Easy Steps

These days, it’s quite hard to tell the difference between fake and original apple earpods. The market is flooded with several counterfeit apple products that look almost as real as the original.

With these 6 steps below, you will learn what to look out for in order to tell the fakes from the real and avoid getting scammed

Step 1: Analyse the packaging and design of the fake vs the real Earpods

This is one of the easiest way to identify if an Apple Earpod is fake or not because fraudulent manufacturers typically do not pay attention to little details.

For instance, while the packaging of the fake airpod may have fonts and designs that seem off or less bright, the original would come with logos, serial numbers, and designs that seem more accurate. In fact, some fake earpod boxes may not have “Earpod” written on them or may have some other weird name.

Step 2: Use A Magnet To Tell The Fake From The Original

This is one interesting hack that can help you spot a fake Earpod. All you have to do is put the lightning connector of the Earpod on a magnet. An original Earpod will typically be attracted to the magnet while the fake won’t be affected in anyway. You can also use this hack when testing for fake or original lightning chargers.

Step 3: Analyse The Structure Of The Earpods

An original earpod should come with cables that are not prone to breaks or damages.The fakes, however, may have cables that are weak and are showing signs of giving away.

Earpods should also be comfortable and fit nicely in your ears. The “volume up and down button” should also be in perfect condition.

Step 4: Watch Out For The Weird Bluetooth Requirement

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One weird characteristic that fake earpods usually have is that they require you to pair your device by Bluetooth manually. This is a red flag because earpods are wired and easily connect to your apple device, hence they do not need bluetooth connectivity.

Step 5: Analyse The Audio Quality

An original earpod should have a rich audio sound quality. The sound should be crisp and clear and sun to listen to. As you may have already guessed, the sound of a fake apple earpod will typically be banal, flat, and boring.

Step 6: Pay Attention To The Price Of The Earpods

Fake earpods may be as cheap as $2.76 (N1000) and are often found on the street. However, it is not impossible to find them in malls selling for more outrageous prices than the aforementioned price. An original earpod cost a lot more at a price of about $55 (20000). This is something to pay attention to so you don’t get a rip-off.


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