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How To Slay Effortlessly as a Man

Gentlemen, read this post to get your slay game on

How To Slay Effortlessly as a Man

Colours. Colours. Slay. Even though knowing all the colours is not crucial to a man’s wardrobe neither is it crucial when it comes to style, knowing the basic will help in picking and matching your clothes effortlessly.

Although a lot has been written on colour coordinating your wardrobe, the basics really are quite simple. All you have to remember are these quick rules for combining colours effectively.

Whether you’re starting your wardrobe from scratch or just bringing in a few pieces to fill in the gaps, you can get your slay game higher by reading this

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Focus On Neutral Colors

A stylish outfit needs a good base of neutral colours like these:

  • Black
  • White
  • Gray
  • Navy, Light & Sky Blue
  • Brown & Khaki
  • Olive Green

These are the colours that go with most other clothing. They actually set up the foundation for your outfits, making your job of finding matching clothes in your closet much easier. That’s why they should constitute a higher percentage of your wardrobe in terms of colour percentages.

Use Small Pops Of Brighter Colors

This is where your experimenting skills come into play. The key is moderation. Stick with only small touches of one or two brighter colours to prevent them from clashing with or overpowering the rest of your outfit.

A yellow or pink pocket square, for example, will pair well with a charcoal sports jacket and all other neutrals you have on (white or light blue dress shirt, dark blue jeans, black belt, etc). It will easily pop out with that combination. The same goes for a red necktie or gold buttons on a neutral-coloured jacket.

If you’re planning to wear a bright suit colour, you can do a bit of trial-and-error. Research on your best options through Pinterest and Instagram. They are always ready to help you out.

Consider But DO NOT Overthink Your Skin Tone

Have you ever asked yourself, “Does this colour look good with my skin tone?” I can inform you for free that your skin colour should not matter more than 10% in your decision-making when it comes to your colour choices for clothing, and only after you’ve considered what is mentioned above.

You should not let your skin completely reconstruct whatever you’ve taken time to put together. Stick to the neutrals and pops of colour mentioned above and the chances that you are good to go is really high.

With matching, colours for Men is largely a subjective skill as there are no official rights or wrongs. There are times when you have to simply follow your gut.

Do not forget to be confident because it’ll show. And confidence always looks good.


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