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How to Slay a Nigerian Wedding You Have Been Invited to

Want to know how to slay at a Nigerian wedding and return in one piece? You should read this.

How to Slay a Nigerian Wedding You Have Been Invited to

Nigerian traditional weddings come with a lot of glitz, glamour rolled up in various sizes, ethnicities, and requirements. They are the most expensive, festive, costly, loving, tasking, exciting,  and important event you will ever attend to celebrate a marriage.

Here are 10 tips that will make sure you slay and survive a wedding ceremony in Nigeria.

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  • Your Asoebi should be on point: This cannot be ignored. Your Asoebi should have utmost importance because if you have not heard, Nigerian tailors and last minute mess up are like 5 and 6. Also, make sure your style is light and fluid so that it won’t weigh you down or hold you back in any way on that day.
  • Comfortable Gele and shoes: If your Gele is tight and uncomfortable, it will ruin all the fun you would have at a traditional wedding. Your shoes are important because you might find yourself having to do a bit of walking and dancing at a traditional wedding. Every Naija woman knows that you need to have a pair of flops though.
  • Travel light: You should go to a Nigerian Wedding with a small purse or handbag, in which all your essentials can fit. The truth is the wedding will get rowdier as it goes on and you might not find anyone to help you look out for your personal belongings.
  • Go “plus one” or more: Go to the party with as many friends as you can, this is advisable for watching out for belongings, not feeling awkward, getting souvenirs and gift bags, picking money sprayed on you and just because it will be more fun.
  • Eat before leaving home: This mistake is made by a lot of people. You should not attend a Nigerian ceremony on an empty stomach, especially in light of how unpredictable catering and timing of activities can be. Eat before leaving home but leave some room in your stomach to feast on the rice, Amala and Ewedu, meat, chicken, and small chops that may await you at the wedding.
  • You will need cash: You’ll need cash for your buying your Asoebi which will most likely be more expensive than the cost price, sewing, and accessorizing, make-up, transportation, and even spraying the couple when they’re dancing. So like I said, you will need cash.
  • Be prepared: Traditional weddings are mostly held in the outdoors, under canopies or tents. Therefore, it’s advised to plan for whatever season the wedding is happening around; sunshades and sunscreen for a sunny day, a hand fan for a hot one, an umbrella in case it showers, etc.
  • Save up on energy: This tip is not for the couple, the couple’s families, close friends, chief bridesmaid or if you play any key role in the wedding. But if you are just attending to celebrate the new couple you’ll need to have enough energy to take on a traditional wedding because it can get crazy.
  • Abandon any responsibilities: If it’s possible for you to escape any major wedding roles, do it. They drain you from your brain to your toenails. Enjoy the party as it is if you can.


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