Simple Steps to Protect Your House in a Smart Way

How to Protect Your House in a Smart Way

We have listed five great tips for you to prevent burglary because your house defines your lifestyle and it must be protected. You want to keep it that way and want to protect your home as well as possible when you are not at home. The figures shows that burglars strike strikingly often.

In this article we give you 5 tips to keep in mind while smartly protecting your home.

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1) Smart alarm system

A smart alarm system is the starting point of a smartly secured home. Such a smart alarm system has a few pillars: the app, remote notifications, extensions and the base station. You just need to connect the system with WiFi. Then determine the number of accessories based on the size of your home. When the alarm system is switched on and the sensor detects trouble, you will receive a notification on your telephone wherever you are. So you are always aware of the events at your home.

2) Smart security camera

There are 2 types of smart security cameras: an ip camera for your alarm system and a stand-alone security camera. If you already have a smart alarm system, choose the first variant. So you have all data and information in 1 app. Is a security camera the start of your smartly secured home? Then choose a stand-alone variant.

Place the IP cameras in places that you always want to monitor, like in your living room, at the front door or the garden. With a detection you receive a push message on your smartphone and you immediately watch live. Definitely smart cameras are much expensive than regular cctv cameras but if you’re tight on budget, you can also use trail cameras for home security.

3) Smart doorbells

Smart doorbells have a built-in camera so that you can always see who is at the door, everywhere. You receive a message as soon as your visitor presses the doorbell via the app on your smart device. By opening the app you can see who is at the door and it is also possible to communicate with your visitor. All without opening your front door. Even when you are just at home, a smart doorbell is a safe addition.

4) Smart lighting

Turn on your lights remotely, making it feel like you’re at home. You control smart lighting, wherever you are, via the app on your smart device. Indoors you switch quickly between different, set light scenes and outdoors it is especially useful to switch your lights on and off.

Each brand has its own usage characteristics. Some work on Bluetooth and some on wifi.

5) Smart door locks

Complete your smartly secured home with a smart door lock. A key for opening and closing your door is a thing of the past. With a smart lock you simply do that with the app on your smartphone or an access code. With many smart locks it is possible to set different access codes.

With each notification that the lock has been unlocked, you can see in the app who it was. So a handy checkpoint!


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