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How To Prepare Cat Fish Pepper Soup in 7 Simple Steps

How To Prepare Cat Fish Pepper Soup in 7 Simple Steps

Catfish pepper soup is one of the most popular evening meals in Nigeria. It is by far the most popular fish pepper soup in Nigeria, surpassing other kinds of pepper soups.

Ever heard of cow tail pepper soup? Or goat meat pepper soup? The list is endless as we tend to be experimental in Nigeria. Although the recipe for this dish is quite complex because of its plenty variety and various ingredients, we will still give it a go.

Health Benefit

Catfish is very rich in vitamin D, like plenty other fishes, it is perfect for people who wants to lose weight or who prefer following a low-calorie dietary plan in their meals.

Since catfish also boasts more than 15 grams of protein, this is an amazing source of amino acids to your body. This is very important and necessary for men and women equally, because our bodies need the protein for building stronger muscles. Over time, you’ll become a lot stronger and protect your immune system due to consuming catfish pepper soup.

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  • Ginger
  • Catfish /fresh fish/goat meat or head (Isi-ewu) Cow leg /meat
  • Yellow pepper or dry black pepper,
  • Fresh red pounded chili pepper and tomatoes
  • Seasoning
  • Eire (scent leaf)
  • Utazi vegetable
  • Ere
  • Uririen
  • Gbafulo
  • Native salt
  • Omilo
  • Aidan (a long black thick stick that has plenty seed inside)


Step 1

Boil the meats, do not boil the fish, wash the fish and season, if it is catfish, and wash it with warm water to remove the slime from the skin.

Step 2

Grind all the ingredients spices and pepper.

Step 3

Add water into a thick pan allow it to boil for 5 minutes, then Add pepper and all the spices, a pinch of native salt and seasoning.

Step 4

Add meats or fish. Allow boil for 10 minutes.

Step 5

Add the Efiri scent leaf and Utazi bitter leaf.

Step 6

Optional sliced fresh tomatoes.

Step 7

Check seasoning if okay to taste then serve with very chilled drink. Pepper soup is usually served in a bowl.


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