How To Make Your Time in the Garden Fun and Enjoyable

The time you spend in the garden should be fun. You should always be looking forward to tendering for your crops and watering the garden. While many people do enjoy the time spent in the garden, there comes the point when gardeners feel the task taking its toll on them This is why this blog post brings forth some tips to put you ahead of the game. With this, you are sure to enjoy and always look forward to your time in the garden

1. Go with Low Maintenance Perennials
Ideally, the backbone of plants in your garden should be perennial crops. This is because they are well able to take care of themselves. You need plants that look good all year round, plants like Sedums and Astilbes. Plants that do not require much staking, pinching and deadheading.

2. Raise Beds and Containers
The control of the garden will be easy if there are definite boundaries. With containers, there are many things one can control. Things like water, sun exposure and you also get to dictate the extent to which your plant grow. With a raised bed, one can separate the garden beds from the surroundings. It is recommended to lift the beds by at least 6 inches.

3. Include drip Irrigation
With a tinker toy, one can effectively set up drip irrigation. Be prepared to invest some initial cost and also do some measurement. It is excellent and highly recommended as it helps save money in the long run. Drip irrigation is the most effective way to water your garden. It does not waste water and can even work with a timer, saving your time as well.

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One of the number one garden rose questions I get asked about is variety selection.🌹Choosing a favorite variety is like choosing your favorite child, it’s really impossible to choose the standout star.⭐️ (Some days you may like one more than the others though. Am I right?!😉) I thought I’d show you a little harvest load from the middle of summer last year to highlight some different varieties plus some of the things I like about each one. Right front and center is ‘Golden Celebration’. It’s the most glorious shade of yellow with a luscious fragrance to match. Perfect for bright summer weddings. 💛 Just to the right with the tight cream flower is ‘The Lady Gardner’. This gem is a wonderful chameleon with tones of cream, pink and peach depending on the weather she blends with just about anything in an bouquet.⚜️ In the far back with the vibrant pink is ‘Grande Dame’. Look at the stem length on this babe! She has huge ruffled blooms and a color that is a showstopper. If you’re a person who loves color or a designer that has a bold bride this is an amazing rose.💖 Truthfully I really do love them all for different reasons which I why I can never say no to planting more. I fall in love with them all over again every season when the first flush arrives.❣️ If you’d like to add some of these pretties to your farm or garden check out our bare root collection on sale now.📦Yesterday I re-stocked many of my favorites and added a few new ones to the collection to. Have a question about a variety? Ask away in the comments below.✌🏻

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4. Invest in Ergonomic
Tools Gardening majorly involves repetitive jobs that can be stressful to the joints and back. Thanks to the improvement in technology, there are gardening tools that make things easy. These tools work with the body; hence; there is limited bending or other awkward positions. Be sure to invest in bent rakes, cushioned handles, ratchet pruners, and other tools that don’t require bending the wrist.

5. Be Sure to Mulch
To many people, mulching is seen as mere decoration. While it makes the garden beautiful, it is way more than an ordinary decoration. It keeps the root fresh and crisp, also prevent excess water loss, it also keeps weeds at bay. With mulching, you have reduced the efforts you have to invest in fertilizing, weeding and watering. Garden can and should be

By using effective gardening methods, one can take away the stress and make gardening an activity to always look forward to.



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