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How To Make Homemade Baby Food In Your Blender

How To Make Homemade Baby Food In Your Blender

Who does not want to feed their babies nutritious food? We all know about food adulteration, which is one of the major topics for discussion today. The people involved in such activities are found to be contaminating baby food too.

Thus to feed a baby, the safest and most wise method is to use homemade baby food. This reduces the risk of the child suffering from any health issues or from food poisoning. Here we will be discussing that.

Key ingredients in making baby food

The key ingredients in making baby food at home depend mainly on the age of the baby more than anything else. This is because the food and nutrient requirements for the babies vary upon the age group they belong to.

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However, there are certain common things which can be the ingredients in making homemade baby food. Such ingredients include rice and other cereals such as barley and different lentils. We all know how much important different grains, such as lentils are for our body. They are very much rich in proteins, minerals, nutrients, and other dietary fibers.

Addition of fruits and other Vegetables

It is well known that children do not like green veggies at all. However, no one can deny their necessity in our diet to maintain proper health. Hence mixing vegetables of different types, but in small proportions, is indeed a great move. At the same time, some fruits can also be added. It is not necessary to add fruit in the rice preparation, but other fruit dishes can be prepared for the babies as well.

This is because we all need food for our healthy living. But babies may not be able to bite and chew fruits. Hence we can blend their food at home in a blender, and make them have that. This will significantly meet their need for the vitamins and minerals needed for proper growth.
Is blending the only option?

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For children of a quite young age, blending food is the only option for which you need a blender. The reason behind this is children of minimum age, do not have teeth to bite and chew food. All they can do is to swallow all that is put inside their mouth. Hence for young children, especially for fussy toddlers, blending is the only option available.

Moving deeper inside, the texture and the density of the blend along with its viscosity can be modified with the increase in age. But blending remains as the key factor and cannot be avoided until the young one learns to how to bite and chew food properly, and then to swallow.


We all know that it is always safe to have homemade food rather than consuming anything which has been prepared outside. Having food outside at any feast or parties occasionally is alright. However, if this is done on a regular basis, then the matter may turn out to be alarming. The same is also applicable for feeding the little ones at home. Thus we must always focus on how we can make baby food at home.



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