How To Make Ankara Slippers

For every glamorous look, we can all agree that the right footwear is the perfect icing on the cake. According to a study published in the Journal of Research in Personality, people can accurately guess the kind of person you are by just looking down at your footwear. Are you Looking for footwear that not only seems reasonable but sends out that wave of positive vibes? Then you are in for a treat as today you’ll be learning how to make your own Ankara slippers right from scratch.

Ankara fabric is 100% cotton with vibrant designs and bubbly colors. It is widely used for making bags and shoes as it has high durability, resistance, strength and a soft touch giving it the ability to withstand extensive wearing and tearing. The process in making Ankara slippers is straightforward to follow and the materials needed are relatively inexpensive. Without further ado let’s begin.
The materials needed are:
– Kari board
– Mako
– Sole
– Shoe linen
– A pair of Scissors
– Alcohol wipes
– Fabric glue Note
– Do not even try to use superglue.
– Hair dryer (optional)
– Colored marker or pen for highlighting

Step 1
Get any of your old slippers or shoe and place on your Kari board. Using your colored marker or pen, trace the outline of your shoe sole size. Remove your sandals and with your scissors carefully cut out the marked outline on the Kari board. You can now easily use the cut Kari board sample to measure and cut out the Mako and sole to get your perfect shoe size.

Step 2
Wipe the surface of your cut Kari board, Mako and sole to get rid of any rough particles to get a smooth surface.

Step 3
Apply the fabric glue evenly to the surface of the Kari board and also to the Mako. Join together making sure the edges are correctly and press lightly and leave to dry. You can use your hair dryer to speed up the drying process.

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Step 4
Place your glued Kari board and Mako on a piece of shoe linen and then with your colored marker draw out a larger foot size using the placed sample as a reference. Wrap the Kari board and Mako with the cutout shoe linen and glue together and leave to dry or use your hair dryer.

Step 5
Spread your Ankara fabric on a flat surface and cut out Ankara of length 10cm and width of 6cm. Fold into two and sew.

Step 6
Fold the Ankara into a triangle shape and wrap on the joined sample to form the upper of the slippers. This is where you can put your creativity into shape and design it to what suits you. You can go ahead and add a ribbon or stones to the Ankara.

Step 7
Spread a generous amount of fabric glue evenly to the surface of the cutout sole from step 1 and glue the Joined sample to it and leave to dry. Your stylish Ankara slippers are now ready to rock. Follow these steps to make the other pair and your stylish Ankara slippers are now ready to rock.



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