How to Make Afang Soup in 20minutes

One thing peculiar about Nigerians is that we love eating healthy food but we are always in an hurry. In recent times, many Nigerians have been searching for an healthy and delicious soup they can prepare without spending much time in the kitchen. Well if you among such category of people, today is your lucky day as I present to you Afang Soup. I tasted this soup when I attended a friends wedding in Calabar and I must confess my taste buds was in cloud nine.



Afang soup is a very delicious and nutritious soup served mostly in the eastern and southern part of Nigeria. It is rich and very medicinal with a sort of sweet-bitter taste.Many people mistake Afang soup with the igbo’s Okazi soup. Although they look similar in appearance, the difference is in the thickness and taste. OKazi soup gets its thickness from soup thickener but Afang gets its thickness from the abundance of vegetables used in preparing it.

i. 3 cups of pounded Afang leaves
ii. Half cup of water leaves
iii. 12 medium pieces of beef
iv. 6 medium pieces of beef trip (shaki)
v. 6 medium pieces of cow skin (kpomo)
vi. 1 small piece of dry fish
vii. 3 pieces of snail optional
viii. 1 piece of stockfish (okporokpo)
ix. 1 cup of periwinkle optional
x. I cup of jumbo prawns optional
xi. A spoon of blended crayfish
xii. 2 piece of yellow peeper Optional
xiii. Seasoning cubes ( preferably Maggi)
xiv. 1 teaspoon of chili powder
xv. 3 cooking spoons of palm oil
xvi. Salt to taste


I. Wash the beef,shaki, snail,periwinkle and kpomo thoroughly
II. Place the beef, shaki snail, periwinkle and kpomo in a pot to boil with seasoning cubes, chilly powder and salt
III. Make sure you check and take out any item that get soft. Don’t wait for all item to get soft at once. When every item get soft, pour them back in the pot
IV. Take your Afang leaves, shred and pound till you get a smooth texture. You can use mortal and pestle to do this or you may use blender
V. Wash the water leaves, shred it and set it aside
VI. Wash dry fish, stock fish and add to the pot. Allow to boil for 5 minutes
VII. Add the shrimp, blended crayfish and any other seasoning.
VIII. Add the water leave and Afang leave and stir it immediately. Allow to boil for 2 minutes
IX. Turn off your gas or take it off the stove and allow the steam of your delicious soup cook the vegetables.

The secret of preparing the best Afang soup is not to over cook the vegetable. The vegetables need to taste fresh.

Afang soup is more delicious when you eat it with fufu. If you’re not a fan of fufu, you can enjoy your delicious Afang soup with yam, semovita or Eba.


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