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How to Know you are Dating a Mummy’s Boy

Read this if you’ll like to know if your male partner is a Mummy’s boy.

How to Know you are Dating a Mummy's Boy

The dearly beloved human who classifies as the female gender, you are the reason I am writing this post. I know some of you have this issue and you do not even know and even if you do, you are not sure when you will crumble underneath all of the extra weight of the complicated relationship.

First, who is a Mummy’s boy? A boy or man who is excessively influenced by or attached to his mother.

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Secondly, how do you know that the Man you are in a relationship with is a Mama’s boy

Read this:

  • He tells her literally everything: If your partner tells his mummy about everything, then that is a bad sign. It means they have an unhealthy relationship because there obviously is no boundaries. If Intrusive questions are asked by her then they should not be answered by him.
  • He is financially dependent: A man who still lives with his mother or is at her beck and call is probably dependent on her and the problem with this kind of relationship is how he relates to her is going to colour his relationship with you and at some point, she will test his loyalty to you and in this case, he is going to choose her over you.
  • He always takes her side over yours: It is great and commendable when a Man respects his mummy’s opinions and is comfortable seeking advice from her however if you find that your guy is unable to hear anyone else’s opinion including yours, then this is a good indicator that it will be hard to make room for your voice in making important decisions.
  • He needs her approval to make big decisions: Look, it is one thing to ask your mum for advice, it is another to require your mummy’s approval when you are a grown adult. If he asking her for advice on day to day decisions, then she is definitely pulling the strings on things like the kind of woman he should date.
  • All his past relationships ended with his Mother: All his past relationships ended because of his mother. Or she somehow contributed to it. Every story you heard had her at the beginning or at the end. Take note of this red flag as it might affect you in the long run.
  • He compares you with his Mum: It is a good thing when your partner sees you fulfilling some motherly roles in his life but when he continually puts you on the same pedestal as his mum and expects you to become her in every way, that is a big NO. Comparing you to his mother is not healthy for your relationship at all.


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