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How to Know if Your Relationship Needs Urgent Care

These pointers will let you know if your relationship is lacking in anyway.

How to Know if Your Relationship Needs Urgent Care

There is a tendency to take for granted a relationship we have been in long enough. We forget that relationships don’t last without any effort and there is a need to constantly nurture it.

With this in mind, try to notice the little changes there might be in your partner and yourself and how they are affecting your relationship.

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  • The relationship is good as long as you have your way: Your relationship needs urgent care if it’s only great when you have things done the way you like them. A relationship isn’t just about one person so why should they have to submit to your will when they might want something entirely different. Try to create an environment where you two can talk about what you both want.
  • You keep to yourself: If you did not know, let me tell you now, keeping to yourself would mean keeping your partner out and there is no way you can possibly have a viable relationship without communication.
  • The fear of losing them, because that would mean losing what they bring to the table: You can’t bear the thought of breaking up with them, not because you love them, but because when they leave, some perks go with them as well. You need to reflect on your relationship if the presence or absence of your partner doesn’t make much difference, then you have a lot to fix.
  • You don’t take time out for them: Even though it looks like you’re with them a lot, you’re not present. You’re always busy doing something on the side which is not supposed to be. You shouldn’t be constantly consumed by anything else.
  • Mental Cheating: If you make up scenarios that involve someone other than your partner, you’re cheating on them, short and simple. Even if you’re literally doing anything, it still counts as cheating. Why not fantasize about your partner instead.
  • You no longer look forward to going out: Going out as a couple is gradually becoming more of a ritual lately. Most times, you’re not even bothered to plan out a date day. It no longer excites you anymore.
  • They have become attention-hungry: There was a time when you two couldn’t have enough of each other as you’d be on the phone for hours even though you just left each other. But now even a single text from them every now and then comes off to be unnecessary. You think of it as a distraction. You should reflect on why something that you loved is now bothering you.
  • Their family bothers you: Like it or not, their family is going to be in the picture some way or the other. There may be things you don’t like about them, but they might feel the same way about you too. Accept the fact that your partner is the person they are because of their family, and they need them as much as they need you, then find a way to work things out.


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